Top Free Website Builder

The traffic growth of the internet has increased the awareness of how important is doing business online. Many new individuals jump to online business by creating websites. They are trying to gain crowd into their website to gain audiences and leads.

Creating a professional website used to be expensive, we need to hire website designer and other professionals to create a stunning website. We also need to a hire web developer to build the website.

Fortunately, now we can find and use various tools to build a website for free. Website builder like Wix, WordPress, Weebly, and many other builders have their own superiority. Eliminating the need of coding and leave the design to yourself in an easy way.

Therefore, we are going to analyze and discuss about these website builders, and what type of industry they are good at.

Note: The order does not determine the rating

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1. Wix

A website builder that is famous of its user friendly tools. users can design their website freely and at ease. Wix offers drag and drop function for the user to design their website.

Wix is very suitable for beginners, as users can answer some questions to let Wix generate design for the users in a few minutes. Besides of that, you also have the option to start your website with more than 500 templates. Both of the options still allowing you to manually design your website.

No coding, just be creative!

All you need to do is drag and drop according to your preference without removing the function.

Your website will have major functions according to your website type. For example, blogs, videos, subscriber form, etc.


wix free website builder icon


Using Wix as your free website builder is a good choice, however you should also consider about the drawback of using Wix free plan.

Biggest Wix free plan drawback is limited bandwidth, which is capped to 500 MB. This means, free plan users are hardly to put many images or videos. Furthermore, it might limit your website visitors.

The domain of Wix free plan website will be the default domain from Wix. Your website domain might be which might look not professional for some people.

Wix is an all around website maker tool and is suitable for many purposes, personal or business. Wix is great for individuals starting their own personal website, such as blog and portfolio. It is also suitable for business, however, users might need to upgrade into paid plans to optimize their business website. Wix paid plans are starting from $13 to $500 per month.


2. Weebly

Next is Weebly, which is known as a website builder for small business that is very easy to use for users. It is because Weebly use drag and drop function similar with Wix.

Weebly have less templates and features compare to Wix. However, it makes Weebly can focus more on its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to help the website more visible in the search engine.

In addition, Weebly websites are mobile friendly. Compare to Wix, Weebly allows users to do coding and customize their websites even deeper. The Weebly free plan also has a better domain name compare to Wix, and need to subscribe for paid plans in order to customize own domain name.

weebly free website builder icon
Credit: Weebly

However, we know that nothing is perfect in this world, so here are some downside of Weebly.

Commonly, Weebly is more difficult for beginners, especially when it is your first time building a website. In addition, Weebly has limited features in their free plan, similar with Wix, Weebly doesn’t provide e-commerce functions in its free plan.

Weebly is suitable for individuals who are willing to create a personal website or just started a new business, as Weebly cheapest plan to get your customized domain is only $5/month. Be note that all plans already include the hosting service in Weebly.


3. Strikingly

Strikingly is famous to build a simple website because of its template simplicity. E-commerce is applicable to Strikingly’s free plan, limited to 1 product that can be sold.

It has also become one of the best website builder for one page website. Strikingly allows users to reformat their website template, even after the website is live.

In Strikingly free plan, users have unlimited sites that can be published by users. In addition, Strikingly allows users to sell up to 1 product in the free website. Strikingly free users will also enjoy 5GB bandwidth monthly.

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However, strikingly is not suitable for bigger businesses, it is more suitable for small businesses that want to start selling online. In addition, paid plans might be needed for e-commerce to expand your limited product.

Strikingly simplicity only allows users to create one page website. In addition, strikingly doesn’t have rich features for customization.

Blogging and personal website are the top option for using Strikingly. Strikingly also support features for other options, such as business and e-commerce. However, Strikingly might not be the best option for long term development.



WordPress is known as a blog website builder, even WordPress offers business plan as well. Around 30% website in the internet are powered by WordPress.

WordPress’ users can download thousands of plugins to help them customized their website, even this way might quite harder for the users, compare to drop and drag function.

Extra features that offered to the users are SEO & marketing to promote users’ website. WordPress also allows users to integrate their social media in the website.

wordpress free website builder icon

In contrast to WordPress mass quantity template, most of the templates tend to blog website. It lacks of diversity when it comes with template options.

WordPress is very great for individuals that are going to build a personal and blog website. It is because WordPress is a blog based website builder with various of plugins to support the user.


5. Jimdo

The next on our list is Jimdo, which is known as a website builder that are suitable for any kind of websites.

Jimdo offers free website with e-commerce function and has several attractive templates. Its platform is users friendly and doesn’t need coding at all. Therefore, Jimdo is great for you who lack of building website experience.

Some of the templates are also mobile friendly, so users don’t need to worry for their website when being opened in various devices.

jimdo free website builder icon
Credit: Jimdo

However, Jimdo lacks of design freedom. Many of Jimdo users complained about how restrictive Jimdo is to design the template.

Although Jimdo offers e-commerce website in the free plan, it has limited features, such as can only sell one product. But this does not bad compared to most of website builders that don’t offer e-commerce in free plan. With this, you can sell product online without risking any expenses.

Jimdo is usually used in various purposes. However, Jimdo is best used for personal and business site, where Jimdo provides e-mail marketing and analytic tools. In addition, Jimdo also great for blog with some features that are suitable for a blog website.



There are still many website builders that offer a free plan. However, we recommend upgrading your website in time as your website starting to grow. Free website builder is important as well, as you should have experience using various platforms to determine the best platform for your website. Only go for paid plans when you have secured your financial status, or when you gain more crowd in your website and upgrade is necessary.