Let’s Celebrate the Year of Rat! 

Cheers! It is time for a reunion. Let us sweep away the ill-fortune and raise a toast to the year of the Rat.

May the Year of the Rat bring you good luck & good fortune. Happy Chinese New Year 2020!

Auspicious Dates to start work

A traditional but no less significant practice among Chinese around the world is by choosing the auspicious dates and time to start work after the first day of Chinese New Year. The reason and symbolism to start work on an auspicious date are so that the person, business or entity doing so captures the essence of the day connected to that same person or business.

How does it work?

After you choose your auspicious date, all you have to do is to start your work at the specified auspicious time. If you are not able to commit your work at the office on that day, just do some work-related task on the go such as send out a work-related email, WhatsApp, etc. will do.

Check out your auspicious day and zodiac to avoid from the chart below!