Auspicious dates to start work in 2019 Chinese New Year!

The start work date in Chinese New Year is quite important for most Chinese. Did you know the most auspicious dates to commence work after the Chinese New Year Celebration this year? Let us share with you the most auspicious dates to start your work in order to enhance your luck, wealth and health in the year of 2019!

What to do?

After you choose your auspicious date, all you have to do is to start your work at the specified auspicious time. It depends on you to be in your home or office while you start your work. You can choose to chat with a business partner or open your pc to respond to some work-related emails or anything else related to your work. It’s that simple!

So, now that you know the favourable time on when to start doing your work, you can easily plan and prepare beforehand in order to be healthier and wealthier this year.

We at Net Onboard wish you all a very prosperous and abundance Chinese new Year!