Motivation is not a far-fetched concept

Motivation, a term that we are all too familiar with. But at the same time, we often question how do we get motivated.

Everyone, me included, feels unmotivated at some point. Whether it is about work or study, sometimes we just feel like lying down on our bed, doing nothing.

So, how do I get motivated? Of course, I do have a certain set of methods, or not I would not be writing this article.

Plan Ahead

Firstly, I would often plan before performing any task, big or small. Having a clear step by step plan means that you know what you are doing. One of the key factors to not being motivated so not knowing where to start, or what you are supposed to do.

Often when I accept a certain task or assignment. You might see me blank out for a small period. Nope, this isn’t me giving up on my work. I would take a few minutes to plan out the workflow, from research to the completion of the actual product.

Once I got this figured out, it is a matter of executing. Also, while doing this, I inadvertently split my tasks into multiple sections. Once I finished each mini-section, I would feel accomplished, knowing that I am making progress in my work. This would motivate me even further to complete the rest of the segments. Not seeing any progress in your work is a big downfall for motivation.

Not to mention, sometimes we get demotivated because our goals seem too unachievable. By creating this step by step plan, you create many small goals within this big goal. Therefore, you will feel that it is more doable. This itself is a huge motivation booster.

Reward Yourself

Before I move on to my 2nd method, I want to address this concerning problem among many of us. We often have no idea why we are doing something. We then started doubting why are we even doing this. Of course, you will feel demotivated when having thoughts like this.

To combat this, I would give myself small rewards for the completion of each task. For example, if I manage to finish this article before work ends today, I would get myself a nice cup of bubble milk tea. If no one is rewarding you, reward yourself! It doesn’t have to be something that requires money. You can tell yourself if you finish this task you get to watch another episode of your favorite series, and so on.

This started because of my parents. They would give me time with a PS2 whenever I finished a certain English grammar exercise. Did it work? Absolutely! I worked my hats off every day just to get some time with my favorite games. Now that I am all grown up, I truly appreciate how this method gives me all the motivation I need.

Take it easy, get some rest

Sometimes, all you need is just a break. You feel demotivated because you have too much going on, and it is stressing you out. Believe me, that is exactly how I feel during my final semester at university.

During that period, every deadline is piling up on me with not much time left. So what do I do? When I am close to breaking. I told myself, tomorrow I am not going to care about any assignments. And I did, for the next whole day, I did whatever I want. Eat, sleep, play without limit. I came back the day after a changed person, fresh and energized, ready to take on the whole world.

So when things start to get rough, do not hesitate to give yourself a break. Go do something you like. If you have the budget, consider going on a short trip. After all, we are only human. We are not machines that feel no emotion or fatigue.

To summarize

It may only be three short tips, but I hope that it would be enough to get you motivated. Remember, it is not uncommon to not feel motivated. We all go through this phrase someday, how we conquer this is the factor that determines our success.

Good luck, and stay motivated.