How does AI(Artificial Intelligence) affect our lives?

AI, a term that might be new to some. Well, it does sound very futuristic. When we talk about artificial intelligence, what most people would instantly think of is talking robots or personal assistance software like Jarvis from Iron Man.

Truth be told, that is only a small part of AI. Or rather, the most advanced part. This part is most commonly known as ‘Strong’ AI. Currently, this form of AI is still not ready for deployment. But what we have now is ‘Weak’ AI. These are everywhere, even in places that you might never have thought of.

AI is already everywhere. You will encounter AI in your daily lives. It is just that the current form of AI is not as strong as those depicted in futuristic films.

Looking for something?

The best example of AI that you will come into contact with every day is the search engine. Google uses an array of algorithms to program its AI. It is made to provide you with search results that are as close to what you are looking for as possible.

Hey Siri!

Next up, to all the IOS users here, whenever you say ‘Hey Siri’, you are already communicating with Artificial Intelligence. All of these assistant software such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri all utilizes AI. It reads your voice, transcripts it, and then returns you with the perfect response.

Up to this point, you should be realizing that AI is much more common than you have previously thought, right? I am here to tell you, it does not end here. Let’s continue exploring the Artificial Intelligence implemented in our daily lives.

I think you will like this

Have you ever wondered how do Facebook and Instagram produce all those recommended lists? It is all the work of AI. It takes your user data, examines it, and then creates new recommendations for you.

The same goes for Youtube. In case you haven’t realize, whatever Youtube recommends you are always linked to what you have been watching most.

Shopping applications and music applications use this trick too. It does the same thing as the two examples above. It just goes to show how much AI we are contacting daily.

Going somewhere?

Now, a quick question. How many of you here uses Waze or Google Maps when driving? If the answer is yes, that means you have used a form of AI already. Notice how these applications always select the fastest route after taking into the calculation of factors such as speed limit and traffic jam? This is all done by artificial intelligence. It calculates the best route to take whenever you put in a search query, and it does it quickly too.

Navigation Software uses AI to find the best route for you.                                                                        Credits: Pixabay

Soon, you would not even need these navigation devices anymore. Companies such as Uber are making cars drive by themselves. And what is the big brain behind such complicated software? You’ve guessed it, artificial intelligence. Of course, this AI will be on a scale that is utterly different from those above. This requires pinpoint human-like decision making. One faulty step, and lives could be taken. It is no wonder that developers are being cautious when creating self-driving cars.

Self-driving flying cars

Self-driving cars are something we can convincingly say is coming soon. After all, we already have something else that is self-driving. That self-driving vehicle has been around for more than 100 years. I am talking about planes. Surprised? Yes, it is true, the first auto-pilot system was demonstrated in 1914 by Lawrence Sperry.

Not long after, commercial airlines began adopting this system. In the modern era, Artificial Intelligence have been used to augment this very technology to new heights. Before AI, auto-pilots can only maintain a steady flight. Now, they can fly along a route on their own with no human guidance. Auto-pilots can even land a plane by themselves.

The Boeing 777 is one of the most advanced aircraft in the world.                                                              Credits: Pixabay

There is a piece of statistic that is common around the internet. It states that an average Boeing 777 pilot spends only 7 minutes at the control. Most of it is during take-off and landing. The rest of the flying is done by the fly-by-wire system.

Yes, AI is indeed everywhere

Artificial Intelligence is more wide-spread than we thought, even though it is just weak AI. It is already everywhere in our daily lives. Soon, we will start to see AI that is stronger and stronger. One day, we will achieve ‘Strong AI’, and a new technological revolution shall begin.