Jingle into The Festive Sesson

Before Christmas, Net Onboard had an awesome Christmas party at The Manhattan Fish Market, IOI City Mall Putrajaya. It was a dinner party held on the 20th of December. Every single member of the company was invited to the occasion. It was held to celebrate Christmas and reap the rewards of a year’s worth of hard work. It was a fruitful year for Net Onboard and the efforts of every single member were appreciated.

Everyone was in high spirits as the holiday season approaches. We were present at the venue by 7:30 P.M. The service offered by the restaurant was amazing, we had free-flow drinks and potato chips. The main course of the dinner was splendid. A Flaming Lobster Platter was served to everyone. It was followed by a plate of Manhattan Flaming Prawn. It wasn’t something that we could eat every day, so everyone was really happy with the selection.

The delicious food courtesy of Net Onboard was well received by everyone. One of the employees was grateful because it was his first time tasting a lobster. It also marked a great end to a year of hard work for everyone at Net Onboard. Everybody had a great time with their meal. But that wasn’t the end, dessert was served after the main course.

Christmas is Incomplete Without a Sweet Gift

After the dinner, our Managing Director handed out Christmas gifts for everyone. A box of Royce Chocolate was received by everyone that attended. It was a token of appreciation by the company to the hardworking members that worked their tails off during 2019. It brought a smile to everyone’s face and it added even more spirit to the occasion. The mood was high and it was a great way to start the holiday season.

Overall, the party was a huge success and it provided great amounts of fun. Not only did we get great food, but there were gifts and a great ambiance that tells the story of a great Christmas. It was also a great bonding session for us. We recapped on a great year before us and looked forward to a great year ahead.

From all of us at Net Onboard, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may you have a great decade ahead as we move into 2020. In this new year, Net Onboard will do our best to take bigger steps in improving our services, please do look forward to it.