Customer Journey Mapping Training

On the 7th December 2019, Net Onboard had a training from SEGi College. It was held inside the company itself, with 12 attendees in total. We hope that after this we could better understand our customers and serve them better. The training started at 9:30 sharp in the morning. Everyone gathered in Net Onboard’s meeting room. The excitement in the atmosphere can be felt. The members were eager to learn something new that could increase their capabilities and allow them to perform their tasks better.

After introductions from SEGi representatives Ms. Eve Tan and Mr. Jason Yew, our trainer Mr. Lim Siew Loon took the stage. He started by briefing the attendees on the main topic of the day, which is Customer Journey Mapping. With his guidance, everyone got into speed quick that day.

A variety of activities and tasks were allocated to the attendees that day. They involve training us how to properly map a customer’s journey, and also to identify a customer’s touch point. Everyone was enthusiastic as this is something new for them. Also, by mastering this technique, it allows Net Onboard to identify what exactly the customers are looking for from us, and we could properly serve our clients according to their preferences.

The training ended at 12:30 p.m. We were tired but also really happy with the results of the training, everyone gained something from this session. The training helped build a more cohesive sales and marketing system by bridging the gaps that are formed between sales, marketing, and operations. The members of Net Onboard also had a better understanding of how to better understand customers and build an emotional connection with them. It also noted that they have been briefed on how to successfully identify holes in a customer’s experience and fix them with effective touch points.

When properly practiced, customer journey mapping can result in greater customer and employee satisfaction. It is the exact goal that we hope to achieve through this training.

Everyone in Net Onboard was satisfied with how the session went. In the future, we hope there could be more training sessions like this as they not only could enhance the company’s performance but could also increase one’s value. Net Onboard would like to thank SEGi college for organizing this complimentary training session. Overall, it was fruitful and enlightening, a great training session indeed.