Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad

On the 9th of November 2019, our country will be celebrating the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

Muhammad was born in Mecca on Year 570. He spent most of his early years as a merchant. By age 40, he began having revelations from Allah. This became the basis of the Quran and Islam itself. By 630, he had converted most of Arabia into Islam.

The history of the celebration of this event started in the Middle East, 400 years after the death of the Prophet. Among the locals, this is referred to as “Mawlid” or “Maulidur Rasul”. The celebration began as a tribute, and modern-day celebrations in Malaysia involve a procession or parade where followers recite praise for Muhammad from passages of the Quran.

Net Onboard wishes all Muslims a happy celebration. May the spirit of this holy occasion bring peace and joy to you and your family.