Undeniably, the current era demands an online presence of any business. And, for sure, if you want your business to grow, then there is no better way than having it available online. You have been learning a lot about creating your online platform that represents your products or services. But any guesses about the hardest part in the entire scenario? Well, it is choosing the best server hosting. Believe it or not but many businesses fail to achieve their desired growth just because they don’t how to choose the best dedicated server hosting. So, if you want to know the tricks, just stick till the end.


What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

Thumbs up! If you know what a dedicated server is. However, if you are a newbie, then it’s better to have a basic knowledge. A dedicated server hosting allows your website to have private access to a specific server. This means that your website is completely off the shared server, where other websites also have access. So when you choose dedicated server hosting, you opt for:

  • Fast speed
  • High security
  • Full control of the website

Know Other Server Types

Before choosing any dedicated server hosting, it is important that you must know the different types of servers. There are mainly four types, such as:

  • Shared servers
  • VPS
  • Cloud servers
  • Dedicated servers

The best among all is the dedicated server because it’s safe, quick, secure, private, and allows you to control and manage the entire system of your website. This knowledge will help you in pointing out flaws in any self-claimed or bogus dedicated server hosting.

This is why the majority of the businesses are found to be much comfortable and secure when they have a dedicated server hosting.


Finding the Best Dedicated Server Hosting – How to do it?

Stepping into the world of finding the best dedicated server hosting seems easy at first, but you would see a plethora of companies offering their services. So don’t confuse yourself, and get what you think is right. Remember! Going with your gut feeling is great, but not this time.

You have to be very careful and rational when picking up the dedicated server hosting services. All the big guns like Bluehost and Hostgator are undoubtedly serving the needs, but they do have different plans to serve different purposes. On the contrary, if pricing matters to you, then you might be looking for something inexpensive.

So, whatever you choose, make sure your selected server hosting has all the following features.

1.    Freedom of Operating System

Not every business is run on the same operating system. Some use Linux, while others may prefer using Windows. So do you know that some dedicated server hosting is not compatible with all the operating systems? Therefore, before buying any ordinary service, make sure that it entirely supports your OS. One of the most essential factors you may need to understand is to choose a dedicated hosting that endorses an operating system of your choice.

However, it is important that all the applications, which are necessary for your business, should be defined specifically and according to your operating system. This means that whatever service you buy, it should be compatible with your current operating system edition. It is your responsibility to assure that the server hosting provider has activated and allowed the dedicated server to work on your OS.

2.    Supports Your Hardware

If you think that an expensive hosting service can fill your life with boons, then you must think twice. Yes! Your hardware does play an important role when it comes to dedicated server hosting. If your hardware is unmatched with the requirements of the hosting provider, then you just cannot expect an extraordinary performance.

It’s just like expecting a donkey to run with a speed of 150km per hour because you are carrying the nitrous oxide kit on it. Does that even possible? Of course not, as there is no compatibility between the two things. But what will happen if you use the same kit for your car? Oh! It will turn it into a bullet. The same rule applies to a dedicated hosting server. So before selecting any provider, make sure you meet the needs.

3.    Availability of Control Panel

Having a control panel is the best way to manage all your business-related applications on your website. Most of the service providers would give you access to cPanel, as it is one of the most prominent management panels for hosting servers. But again, it all depends on your operating system. The reason that makes cPanel a famous one among all is that it is compatible with Windows OS and macOS.

Similarly, the ISPConfig is a popular panel that is based on Linux and people use it globally. On the other hand, a control panel like Plesk supports Windows, as well as, Linux. So, when you are on your way to choose a dedicated server hosting provider, always look for the harmony between your OS and control panel. In case, the provider does not promise access to control panel, then it is better to look for some other service, or else prepare yourself to face the music.

4.    Intense Security

Sometimes it becomes mandatory to put your business operations to an offline mode for the maintenance or making changes to your website. But this downtime can be too risky for your website as hackers and intruders find it easy to take over. They simply manipulate the data, misuse customers’ details, and attack on financial activities. Several studies have proved that 60 percent of the organizations, which have been a victim of a data breach, have lost their reputation.

This is why it is vital to look for a server hosting provider that offers intrusion management, firewalls, apps and website security features along with strong DDoS protection, virus, and malware prevention. Also, when choosing the dedicated hosting provider, you must ensure that an SSL certificate is being provided together with spam filtering options.

5.    Availability of Customer Support

Suppose, you have no clue why your server is down, and you can’t even figure out yourself, so whom are you going to contact? For sure, the customer representatives of your provider will be your last hope. Thus, your dedicated server hosting is ineffective without proper customer support. You never know when and where you find the need to contact the technical team to resolve some of the critical and disturbing issues. So always go for the provider that is available to you 24/7 through email, phone, or live chat. Because you will need people to quickly respond to your queries, and solve your server problems without unnecessary delay.

6.    Permission for Customization

Customization covers a huge area in server hosting. It means to know whether your provider allows you to use server hosting for numerous operating systems, or the services are made for any specific OS. In the same, way some hosts claim themselves as the providers of ‘dedicated’ servers, but in reality, they restrict customization options and also permit other users to use the space on rent. In that case, never even think of buying such hosting because your private server must be accessible by you alone.

7.    Know Your Traffic

Most of the time, people are unaware of their traffic and they choose an inexpensive plan, which decreases the website’s performance due to heavy user or visitor load. So, lastly, you must have some expectations about the traffic that would visit your business website. It will help you in selecting the right plan when choosing any dedicated server hosting. Keep in mind, your dedicated server hosting provider will offer you different packages, so choose wisely and according to the nature of your business.

Your website needs a dedicated server hosting to run excellently along with enhanced safety. Finding the best dedicated server hosting provider can be tough without proper guidelines. So you must bear in mind that if the hosting is compatible with multiple operating systems, and there are no boundaries on customization, then it can satisfy your purpose. Otherwise, it can be worthless and a waste of your hard-earned money.


Still cannot decide on what where you should begin? Or need helping start your dedicated server hosting? Contact us now and our dedicated server expert will solve all your problem right away.