Recently on the 3rd October 2019, Net Onboard set up booth at the Sunway University’s Career Hub. It was located right next to the main entrance of Sunway University in Subang Jaya. We were there for a whole day since morning until 5 in the evening to promote our company to potential prospects, both full time and internship positions are welcomed.


There were many fun activities at our booth such as Lucky Draws and VR game experience. We let people from the university who have never gotten a chance to try VR to get a first hand experience on it. It drew quite a huge crowd as people flock to watch others play VR game. Many of them relish the opportunity to try VR for first time, and were awestruck by how impressive it is.


It was a pleasure meeting the students of Sunway University. Throughout the day, many students came to us asking for more information about our company. We were glad we are able to share more about Net Onboard to those students. We do hope we would have the opportunity to go back there again some day.