Buying Behavior Transformation

Managing a traditional business definitely has its own benefits and can earn profits for the business, especially in local markets. Some traditional businesses still exist around the world relying on their power, which is the brand in the local market.

However, traditional business players might need to feel worry in near time. Nowadays, people tend to purchase through online regardless their motivation. Consumers, Businesses have rapidly increased transaction activities online. Today, they feel more comfortable buying and selling online compare to previous years, where digital security still a big issue in online environment.

Online businesses gain a valuable position in the marketing overtaking businesses with traditional way. Nowadays, most of every goods are available to purchase online. Therefore, transforming your offline business into e-commerce is a good thing to act as soon as possible.

Why E-commerce?

Besides of following the consumer trends of buying behavior, E-commerce can optimize the operational cost of a business compare to offline business. Business can cut physical store usage expenses and move to use the website.

Building and managing a website provides business to some amount of money to allocate to another part of the business. E-commerce will definitely increase business profit through cutting ineffective expenses. In contrast, E-commerce create a chance to grant a free marketing called “viral” which is so powerful and can create a huge trend for big market.

In addition, E-commerce offers to quicken every activity in the business. E-commerce website allows consumer and business to do transaction inside the website instead of conducting transactions manually.

Consumers can choose their own shipping preferences. Furthermore, E-commerce is available for 24 hours and anywhere as long as the consumer connects to the internet which create a very convenient environment for consumers to buy. We can buy things from another country without need to visit the country first.

E-commerce become the opportunity for businesses to expand their target consumers. By using the internet, businesses can connect and penetrate to a new market with an ease. Therefore, online businesses may gain extra profit from a bigger market. Marketer now also will be easier to promote their product online. E-commerce is a solution for the future economy that will benefit both businesses and consumers.

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Crucial Steps to Start Online Business

So no more reasons to not become online in our business. Here are some special tips to evolve our offline business into an online business that prepared by Net Onboard team:

Step 1: Define the Market

Before officially making your business online, you need to research and find out what the market really want. Market demand not just limited to the goods you sell, but can also be the service or benefit you offer to the consumer. Market demand can be various, such as free shipping, fast response, cheap or good quality, and so much else to discover inside the market.

By defining what the market need, your business will tend to become market oriented instead of your product oriented. Subsequently, you will attract more online consumers because you can provide what they need.

By also using the internet, market research activity will be easier:

  • Do some keyword research that has a lot of engagement with the consumers, then you can decide which keyword you should use for your website. Tips: Find keyword with high traffic, but also has less competitor using the keyword.
  • Conduct in a discussion with various people in an online forum. There, you can dig up information related the topic you want to know. Best use to find some issues that many consumers faced, and have potential for your business to solve the issue.
  • Do check regularly about your competitor that have similar product or service. This is important for your business to differentiate your service, or benefits of buying from you. Tips: Your business must able to catch up your competitors’ progress in the industry, or you might lose your share in the market.

Therefore, to run a good online business, the goal is to look into the market first, then our product or service will follow and adapt according to the market.

Step 2: Adjust Your Business to the Market

Next step, you need to modify your business to fit the new market, since online business might feel so different from you who still in the traditional way. You should adjust your services, products, catalogs, and methods according to the new market. You can research to other online business websites to understand what functions they have, such as online payment, shipping partnership, secured website, etc.

Adjusting your business to online business will make your business easier to interact with and might secure a conversion to sale in the future. For example, consumers will find it difficult to purchase your product when you create a website without transaction function, or without proper design related to your industry.

Step 3: Design and Create Website.

Website is like your store in an online environment, so you must be creative to design your store (website) to attract consumers. Designing a website might cost you a lot if you hire a web designer. However, you can create your own website using free software, such as Wix and WordPress, includes some functions and theme for the website.

Web design can be various, according to the business industry. You might find a fashion website with its large catalogs; or a web hosting website where they try to create a professional website as an example for their clients. Therefore, your web design must fit with your business to represent a powerful image.

The Mountain Website (Fashion Website)
Net Onboard Website (Web Hosting Company)

You should also consider the functions inside your website. In order to do so, you might need a web developer which again might cost you quite a lot. Regarding with the issue, you can also create your own website that can have multiple functions for free via the software above. Functions like catalogs, shopping cart, sign-up and log-in, social media tool, insert and remove media, and many other things. You can review in other various websites to decide which functions you want to have in your business website.

Creating a beautiful website alongside its functions, will enhance the consumer experience while exploring the website. Easy functions will make consumer become convenience and will stay longer and even making a purchase. Besides of that, the website must be fast and secured to ensure safety and convenience for consumers. Online users tend to leave after they feel the website is slow or insecure.

Step 4: Online Advertising

Online business advertising is quite different with offline business method. Offline business ads are hard to measure compared to Online business, hence more businesses now doing their business online. There are so many platforms/media to advertise your business online. For example, Google ads, Social Media ads, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc.

Start your ads using Google ads to optimize your website visitors. You can several keywords that you have researched before. There are some types of how Google charge businesses to advertise in their platform, such as PPC (pay per click), PPL (pay per lead), or PPA (pay per acquisition). We will discuss about online advertising further in the net article. You can choose these options according to your preference and business objective. With this, your business website might be in a first list in Google search, and plus, you can measure how effective your ad campaign is by analyzing the data given by Google.

Tips: it is better to do several campaigns in several media to acknowledge information about which platform is the best for your business.

Step 5: Maintain a Relationship with Consumers

Build and maintain relationship between your business and consumers is a very important thing to do in online business. Every businesses must remember that the consumer is the source of income, hence your business should have a close interaction with the consumer.

Creating a space where all your consumer can gather and discuss about your product is one of the examples. In other words, your business should make the consumer feel special in your business. It will prevent them to go away from you and move to your competitors.

There are some tools and ways of maintaining a relationship with your consumers, such as social media and customer service. Social media takes important role in online business to communicate with your consumers.

Tips: Allowing consumer to give feedback to you is really important to improve your business. Consumers are your best friends, and you must treat them like that.


E-commerce popularity is still increasing years by years, leaving the traditional business behind. It is your choice to which extend you are willing to take your business to in the future. Are you brave enough to take risks for something better in the future. Those are some core steps to build your e-commerce business and become the leading player in the market regardless your industry type. E-commerce will be the leader of global economy in the short time.

To start your online business, you might want to have a fast, reliable, and secured website to offer an astonishing experience for your consumer. Tips: Net Onboard is the Solution for your business, a web hosting provider that ready to build a stunning website according to your design and preference; using international bandwidth with 99.9% network up-time. For further information, you can visit our Site.