E-commerce Growth

These days, E-commerce business transform rapidly into one of the most valuable industry in the global market. E-commerce attract consumers and businesses to purchase online by delivering extra benefits, such as convenience and fast. Therefore, it is not surprising that E-commerce generates billions dollars of transactions annually. E-commerce covers B2B, B2C, and C2C business model that does the business online.

E-commerce website can be found very often in the internet browser. There are more than 150 000 e-commerce websites that are still active. So, how to create a stunning e-commerce website without showing any similar design with other e-commerce website? You can build E-commerce website for free using several popular software such, Wix, Shopify, and others, but we will discuss about that in our next article.

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So first, let’s define what is e-commerce website and what features you should have in your e-commerce website.


What is E-commerce Website?

E-commerce website is an online channel, where online transactions between sellers and buyers are taking place. E-commerce website allows buyers and sellers to exchange information and goods or services. These are the three core features of the website to be classified as an E-commerce website:

1. Supplier

There should be at least a product or service that is being offered by seller to the consumer. Commonly, products and services are being listed on the website as catalogs, where buyers can see the product or service ‘s description.

2. Transaction

The function to perform online payment methods, such as online banking, credit/debit card, FPX, E-wallet, etc. This function must be available in your e-commerce website to generate e-payment inside the website.

3. Shipping

E-commerce activity should include distribution channel to ship product or service to the consumer. Shipping method can be done using various channels, such as 3rd party or owned courier, internet to distribute downloadable content, and account activation for business that sell through subscription.


Steps and Tips for a Stunning E-commerce Website

These are the steps and some tips to build a stunning e-commerce website to attract crowds and increase your sales:

1. Get a Domain Name for Your Website

Selecting a domain name for your website is very important. Domain name is like the address of your store in an online environment. Domain name will affect traffic in your website, whether your domain name is familiar, user friendly, and easy to search or not. You also need to select the most suitable domain code according to your business, such as .com for commercial or international market, .my for Malaysian based business, .edu for educational website, etc.

To get the best domain name for your website, you need to do a lot of research, such as popular keywords, and keywords that related to your business so online user with similar interest can find your website easily. In addition, your website domain name must be unique as well to distinguish from other websites, however, don’t be too cryptic. Plan the duration of your domain name license and do not forget to renew when it is going to expire.

Tips: You can check your domain name availability and hosting costs by clicking this site.

2. Design Your Website Layout

Your website layout is like your store’s appearance. This is how you attract online users to stay and explore on your website, and hopefully will become a paying consumer. Unfortunately, online user usually leaves the website after 10-20 seconds interacting inside the website. Therefore, you should be creative in your layout design to attract and keep the visitors.

Before designing your layout, you need to decide your website features and functions to support your website. For example, home page of the website, login or sign in function, and much else.

Here are some of the E-commerce features that need to be considered in building an e-commerce website:

  • Sign up & Sign in Function

Function to allow you to get information about your consumers. This option is needed for your website to ensure trust among your consumers.

  • Shopping Cart

This function is very important that allows consumers to see their choices before proceeding to payment. All e-commerce website should have this function to increase the chance of sales.

  • Product Category

This function will offer convenience for your consumers, allowing them to access information about your product. You must be creative to categorize your product to offer  the best experience for your consumers and prevent them to leave your website.

  • Payment Method

Payment method is the functions where consumers can pay for what they buy via online payment. Consumers will feel more comfortable if your website allows more option for payment. Some common payment methods in e-commerce website are online banking, e-wallet, credit/debit card, and much else.

  • Shipping

Shipping is where you deliver the product to the consumer. You can partner with a local courier company or establish your own delivery service. Shipping option should also be on your website as this is one of the core features of e-commerce website.

After you decide what functions your website will have, now its time for the creative part. Your website must look astonishing and friendly user, means try to avoid many texts in a page. Your website must also represent your industry, for example, use brighter images for fashion e-commerce website. If you lack of creativity, you might need a web designer to help you design a friendly user website for your industry.

3. Add Your Product With Quality

Next step is to insert your product into your website. According to your website function, you can adjust your maximum size for your images or video files. Make sure you have a good presentation for your product. Beside of images, you need to add product name, product description, product features, price. Remember not to describe your product with nonsense, because it will affect your relationship with your consumers if your product failed to meet your description.

Tips: Find out your unique selling point to make your product or website different from your competitors, if you don’t have one, create one.

4. Advertise Your New Website

Next, you need to advertise your new website to be in your market radar. You can use various ways to advertise, such as social media, Google ads, and many other platforms you can choose. While advertising your website, you must keep analyzing the data and concern with the Return you get from your advertisement.

Tips: Don’t be worrying to try a different channel of advertisement, as some businesses might only suitable for some channels.

5. Retrain Your Traffic

Lastly, you must keep and improve your traffic inside the website. You should add new content (product) to your website, or even interact with your consumer inside the website or using social media. Because in the end, you are going to need your consumers to come back to your website and purchase from you again.

Tips: Allow your consumers to give feedback about your product, so you can know your weakness and improve in the future.  


E-commerce Website Hosting

Running an E-commerce website is not that hard as you think. E-commerce need a strong server and connection to support high traffic of the website. Therefore, Net Onboard are happy to support your e-commerce website. Net onboard has website service provider, where Net Onboard will make your website run smoothly when you have a high traffic in the same time. In addition, we provide you secure sockets layer (SSL) to protect every transaction in your website and increase the trust of your consumers to do a transaction inside your website. Visit our site and feel free to contact our customer support for further information.