Chrome Pinned Tab Secret Reveals

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab in your chrome because your browser was full of tabs that you were using for your work? Have you ever felt upset because you couldn’t find your important tabs, such as Gmail, WhatsApp, or Twitter because the tab was placed in the middle of your tab section?

You come to the right place to solve this issue. Here, we are gonna share a simple trick that actually you can use in Google Chrome. Some people might know this feature, but for you who haven’t known it yet, well, this is your lucky day that will change your working mood.

Step 1

Open your Google Chrome, and open your desired website. You can open as many as you want. However, remember your objective, to make your life easier. So we suggest you to select a few of the website that is important to you.

tech hacks chrome pin tab 1

Step 2

Right click on your desired website tab, and select “pin tab” to pin the tab. Now you can see your pinned tab has moved to the left side. You can pin another desired tab by doing the same command.

Step 3

If you pin several tabs, you can see your pinned tabs have gathered on the left side. You can your pinned tabs by holding left mouse on the tab and drag it to any position you like in the pinned tab area.

tech hacks chrome pin tab 3

Step 4

You can unpin the tab whenever you want, by right clicking the pinned tab, and select “unpin tab”.


Your pinned tab doesn’t have “X” (close) function. And now you will be free from accidentally closing your useful tabs. In addition, pinned tab will always stay on the left tab section. This will help you to easily find and go back to your important tabs.

Is this trick useful? If you have any tech hacks, or have some issues related, share with our community!