Why you need Cloud Computing?

Cloud-based application and data storage has grown in popularity in recent years. Cloud computing refers to the storing and retrieving data of users s on the server. Users have the ability to access to the information from any compatible devices at anywhere. Therefore, cloud computing also known as the most essential technology for the advancement of application development. It can speed up business operations, improved loading capacity and reduce IT costs.

Moreover, cloud computing is essentially targeting towards business. It up productivity. People are hearing about cloud computing and using without realizing it. Email services such as Gmail and Yahoo are using cloud computing services in storing user’s data. None of the sent and received emails are taking up space on the hard drive. There is a server of Gmail or Yahoo which usually stores all the emails on the cloud.

Therefore, it also benefits mobile applications that require large volumes of storage space especially the app that involves the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and internet of things (IOT). Mobile application such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), SlideRocket, Dropbox and more are also possible to run directly on the cloud. Cloud make mobile app more reliable, fast and secure.

Advantages of the Cloud Computing in business

Costs: Reduce the capital expenses of purchasing hardware. It also removed the need of buying, installing and upgrading software. Many applications on the cloud are included free on charge.

Productivity: Servers are able to speed up the performance with the 24 hours electricity for power and the IT experts are managing the infrastructure. It eliminates the need of software patching, setup hardware and other IT management cores. Able to spend more time to achieve more important tasks.

Flexibility: Cloud computing offers more flexibility as all the documented files have entered to the computer and stored on the cloud. Data and files are accessible 24 hours per days, even some tasks can be done in few minutes.

Customer Relationship Management: Business organizations use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) management software for business operations. It is an integrated set of tools that is for managing business to be more efficient. Organization able to manage customer interaction by utilizing the use of CRM software to track customers activities. Hence, employees are able access customer information through CRM software for marketing, technical support and billing. It allows companies to have better customer service and business performances.

Cloud Services that you should know

Cloud services are a subset of the internet which separates into different types as follows:

Software as a service (SaaS): It is a distribution model that uses the web to provide a service to users. For example, Google Apps and Office 365.

Cloud storage: Stores and back up files on the internet for access, sharing and syncing across devices. It offers unlimited access to data as long as the users able to provide passkeys and have any compatible devices that have an internet connection. For example, Google Drive, DropBox or iCloud.

Cloud backup: It is similar to cloud storage but mainly it is used as a backup source as a precaution when system crash, data loss or cyberattack.

Cloud hosting: A network of connected physical and virtual cloud servers hosts the website to ensure a better flexibility. It is for users to host websites, house domain names and manage databases.

Where is all cloud data stored?

Cloud data are store in various places by the cloud provider, it could be based on different countries. For example, the cloud provider may be based in the UK but their server may be in China, Japan or the UK itself. Basically, users are unable to know where the data stored. Hence, cloud provider offers numbers of data center to store multiples copies of business and customers data. So, data will remain in safe if facing any natural disaster or crash that destroyed the data.

Is data safe to store in the cloud?

When time files, cloud computing becomes common so users may have data security concerns. It is normal to have the concerns because they have no control and did not own the cloud. Big companies usually store the organization’s data in the cloud server. There also are cloud services options for individual as well such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. Regarding to security issues, both cloud providers and customers face the problem. However, cloud computing offers various security options to make sure the data is encrypted and it is under control.

Cloud data encryption

In order to keep data secure, encryption is the front-line defense for any cloud system. Encryption methods uses complex algorithms to conceal cloud-protected information. Customers can choose to control their own encryption keys to ensure the file is secure. Even hackers have a certain difficulty to decipher encrypted files. In fact, encryption can be the best way to protect data on cloud so far. This is because encrypted data is unreadable without its key no matter the data lost or stolen.

Users have full control over the content

For individuals, it is a convenient to save or edit documents to the cloud. Probably Google Docs is the most popular in file save sharing which prevents any unauthorized copies bring copied. Group members or numbers of colleagues can work together on the same document. Users able to edit document in real time, irrespective of locations. Therefore, companies able to implement more effective collaboration process while it is more secure. Less time are wasted on ideas exchange among team members, they no longer have to email everyone the same document.