Cloud Computing Growth

The world is evolving rapidly and technology dominates in every corner of the earth. Technology advancement is meant to make human life easier, make businesses cut operational cost, and so on. Among high popular upcoming technologies are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing has a less significant popularity compare to AI, hence it still has an important role in technology advancement. Here, we are going to discuss how important cloud computing is and its impact to technology. Will cloud computing is really needed in the future?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to on demand delivery services which include storing and accessing data and programs, server, and software development through data center instead of the local server.

Cloud as a Service

Services in cloud computing are differentiated into 3 classes of cloud as a service; IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a service). These models are based on the service offering of the cloud computing industry.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service is the cloud service where the provider offers data storage, networking and virtual or physical server through renting. IaaS allows the provider to supply infrastructures for businesses that want to develop their own application.

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud) is the suitable example for IaaS, which allow you to manage storage through a few virtual servers according to your need. In addition, you can also use Amazon EC2 to configure networking and security for your applications.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service is the cloud service which provider offer to develop a platform for the client. PaaS includes operating system with programming language, database, development tools, and a web server.

Microsoft Azure is one of the examples that allows developer to build applications using various programming language.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service is the cloud service which offers a developed software to be used by the client / user via web or app. SaaS involves the interface with end users.

Google apps like YouTube, Google maps, Google translate, etc. are some examples of SaaS.

Foundation of Digital Life

People are dreaming about a futuristic world, a world full of robots, automated machine, single permanent identity device, and much else. The cloud will be the main unit to build a digital environment such thing. All automated technologies, AI, intelligent devices need cloud ability to keep and analyze data. Then they can proceed to do actions according to data they got and lessen the risk of system failure. Cloud will assist humanity to manage technology from a virtual space in the future. In the near future with the common use of the cloud, it is not impossible that the world will have a bunch of smart cities with very accurate efficiency.

Optimize Data Management

Cloud will optimize the cost and the time needed to store big volumes of data, including images and videos with high resolution. Businesses will less worry about producing a high quality content for their activities, like marketing activities. A business can easily expand their storage through cloud. In addition, cloud can execute data transfer effectively with a pace and secured network. Cloud computing plays a vital role for small and medium businesses to store their data with an effective cost. This is why cloud computing is growing steadily; and is expected to be used by all businesses around the world in 2021.

The growth of Quantum Computing

Imagine Scientist can find new drugs to cure cancer, life extension, and any other medical issue. These all are now getting close to possible, as there will be a device that can assist scientists to study a more complex phenomenon. Quantum computing attracts big companies such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft to develop a computer device that can solve a complex issues related to particles, atoms, molecules, etc.

The progress is significant and the market is expected to reach $2 billion worth in the year 2024. Quantum computing rely on cloud computing to store and analyze complex data. Today, only IBM has offered service to try their quantum platform, hence the development of quantum computing is still steady.

Internet of Everything (IoE) Movement

What happen if internet disappears even just for an hour? People are addicted to thr internet, we all need internet to do our daily activities. That makes internet play as important role in our lives, Internet of everything means all elements are connected to internet, from devices, process, goods, human, and everything else. Internet will face a massive growth of gathering data around the world. To anticipate the data storage become over-limit, cloud will be the only solution to support the network.

Future Business

The main goal of every business is to make profit. With the advancement of technology, business doesn’t have choices, but to evolve alongside the growth of technology. AI will dominate every business to cut expenses of using labour which might create errors; automated machine will be found in every corner to increase productivity; the cloud will be used widely to support the advancement of technology and creating more effective business operation, especially data storage, reliable and fast server, high-tech applications and software.

Cloud computing will definitely become an industry in the future, where everything is digital. Dependency of business to technology thrust businesses to rely on a fast, reliable, and stable cloud services.