Some little life hacks about your smartphone

Snapping photos like a camera

Surprisingly, there are still many who do not know this smartphone trick. 

It is as simple as ABC, you can take photos on your smartphone with the volume button. It works especially well when you could not get a steady grip on your phone.

Many people still do not know you can snap photos with the volume button.                                               Credits: Pixabay

Rubber band as car phone holder

Wrap the rubber band around the air conditioner of your car, together with your phone.

Congratulation, you have just created a makeshift phone holder. 

Charging with a TV

 Unknown to many, the USB ports at the back of TVs can mostly be used to charge your phones. So if you could not find extra plugs in a hotel room, you could try your luck with the TV. 

Absolute Darkness 

One mega tip for battery saving is to make your phone as dark as possible. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Firstly, lower your brightness whenever possible. Come on, you do not want to be hurting your eyes either. 

Next, if you own an iPhone with the latest IOS, you could turn Dark Mode on. This brand new feature saves battery by making everything dark.  

Lastly, use something dark for your wallpaper, it works with the same principle as Dark Mode.  

Screenshot your way to your destination

Save your phone’s battery and data usage, screenshot the directions to your destination instead.

Split it into sections if you feel like it is hard to see.

Introduce yourself 

Save your emergency contact details on your lock screen. If you lost your phone, whoever found your phone could contact you.

Android and IOS both have innate settings to put these details on your lock screen. Alternatively, you can put it in your lock screen image via some simple photo editing.  

Bring your cable

 I could not stress this enough. It might sound like a no brainer, but many people take cables for granted. With the recent rise in Type-C cables. We now have 3 types of cables for smartphones. 

On more than one occasion have I not been able to find a cable because everyone around me was using a different type. 

Not to mention that charging stations are getting more and more common. You should always at least keep a cable in your bag wherever you go.

Remember to bring a cable at all times.                                                                                                     Credit: Pixabay

A makeshift bedside lamp

Putting a bottle of water on your smartphone’s flashlight could turn it into a makeshift lamp.

This works because of how water disperses the focused light into something more widespread. 

You could adjust the color of the lamp easily by placing a colored sticker on the flashlight.