Simple Tech Hacks

1. Never lose your phone again with this

Have you ever worried about losing your android phone? Worry not! Ring, erase, or lock your smart phone remotely using Android Device Manager. The ringing works even if you have your phone in silent mode.

Firstly do remember to connect your phone to your google account and make sure you have mobile data running. Also, do not forget to turn on your location and find my device feature on your phone.

Then using the link above, you can use your other devices to locate your missing device as long as it is logged in to the google account used for your missing device.

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2. Getting rid of tabs the easy way

Stop constantly flooding yourself with useless tabs! There is actually a pretty easy way to close it that you might have not known. Just to click on the tab with your scroll wheel button, it is that simple.

mouse that you can use to move your cursor
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And for those dummies out there who does not know which is the scroll wheel button, it is the one on the middle as shown in the picture above, circled in red.

google homepage
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3. Don’t overcharge your laptop!

Never fully charge laptop batteries, they last the longest when charged only up to 80%. Take notice of your batteries level from now on!

Also, the optimum power level that your laptop should stay at is around 40% to 80%. It ensures your laptop battery lives a good and long life.

charging laptop at home or office
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4. Google Translate Proofreading

If proofreading an extremely long essay happens to be your job, a trick is to paste your article into Google Translate and listen to it instead of reading it. Not only it is way easier to pick up mistakes, it also makes you a more proficient writer, as this little method can be used to pick up mistakes that sometimes slips pass our eyes.

1. You can head into Google Translate page, or you can just google it and it will appear.

2. Copy your large chunk of text into Google Translate

3. Press the listen button and listen for mistakes and things that does not sound right.

And there you go, a simple way of proofreading essays that will surely help you with your work or assignment.

finished writing and finished grammar check
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5. Using Post its as keyboard cleaners

Clean your keyboard easily by using used post-its. Just swipe it across the keyboard for a quick and simple cleaning.

There are really no instructions needed for this one. Take any used post it and swipe it through your keyboard like a credit card. Repeat it a few times for best results.

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6. Tip for closing online accounts

If you have ever tried to close an online account, you should be aware of how troublesome it can be sometimes. Websites usually hide these options under a bunch of different settings. A good little tip is to try out It gives step-by-step guides on how to delete online accounts from popular websites with ease.

Credit: Pixabay

Once you entered the website, search for the type of account you would like to close. From there on, there should be step by step guidance for you on how to deactivate your account.

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7. Perfect solution for testing headphones and speakers

The Bohemian Rhapsody is the perfect music piece to test headphones and speakers to because it consists a good range of highs and lows.

Credit: Pixabay

So if you are going to get a headphone or speaker, make sure to have this hit song by Queens loaded on your phone. You would have an easier time selecting headphones or speakers with good sound quality.


8. I know the song but not the title

If you ever had a song that you just did not know the title but remember the melody or the lyrics, Midomi is the website to try.

Enter the website, then hum or sing the parts of the song you know, it will automatically search for the song you wanted. It is like Shazam, but you don’t have to have the actual song playing for it to work.

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9. Not exactly tech related but…

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Put a folded up bill in the cover case of your phone for emergencies. Yes this is not a joke, I could not stress how important it is to leave a few dollars of cash inside the item that will always be by your side. You could leave the house without your wallet, but I’m pretty sure you would never leave without your phone.

Not only will it safe you from embarrassing situations where you forgot to bring your wallet, or when you just does not have enough cash in hand to pay for that meal. Mark my words, someday you will be greatly thankful for this little tip here.

So if you haven’t placed some cash behind your phone, be sure to do it ASAP!


10. Chill out!

Last but not least, this website titled ‘Do Nothing for 2 Minutes’. It makes your do nothing but listen to the calming sound of waves for 2 mins. Give it a go when you are stressed and tired! Here it is :

For 2 minutes, do not move your mouse or hit any keys on your keyboard, just listen to the calm sound of the sea, relax yourself, it will make you less tired and stressed as you are trying to get through a long day of work.

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