Do Online Review Affect Your Business?

The popularity of online reviews has grown significantly within these few years. People rely on online reviews when they do online purchasing because they are not able to touch and try the product and services. Based on the user experience of others, a buyer able to identify the usefulness of a certain product or services. Moreover, online reviews is not only limits to restaurants and consumer products it gives an impact for professional services as well. Reviews are impacting revenue of loan officers, real estate agents, doctors and more.

How are you going to deal with this? The power of online reviews shouldn’t be underestimated because you wouldn’t know how people saying about your business out there.

Reviews is all about how other gives feedback and opinion towards a product and services. A good services will recommend by a satisfied customer to the prospect through e-words of mouth. Conversely, you might hurt seriously if you have provided a bad service to your customer. Words of mouth always an effective and cheap way to promote an unknown product.

Good Online Reviews Can Affect Your Business

Surprisingly, consumes trusted online reviews after reading and it can be equivalent to personal referrals. Most of the people trusted what others said or comment on the internet. It was not totally wrong because there are full of opinions on the web. Business professionals or educated people always like to share their thoughts and opinions together.

Increase the Likelihood of Consumers

A good online review probably will give a positive impact to drive your business. Consumers will most likely to view your customer service before their first interaction with you. Firstly, a good online review may increase the likelihood of consumers. The first impression of your company is at the good stage before the consumers proceed to product and services. The likelihood of consumers towards your company may lead to the increase in business revenue. Consumers may purchase your product and recommend to more friends. By doing this, your company will become popular due to word of mouth.


Reviews may Affect Consumer Decision

Moreover, online reviews are influential in pushing a potential consumer from consideration to purchase. Good reviews directly affect the customers purchasing behavior, intentions and sales. Customers believe other customers or reference group rather than the business itself. Hence, social influence on consumer buying decision plays an essential role in developing your business. Consumers like to read others opinion before making their decision to purchase. Reviewing others opinion seems to be like more secure because they have experienced the buying process.

Increased Trust and Reputation of the Company

Reviews can help your business to gain trust from the consumers whereby develop a positive reputation in the eye of consumers. Customers do trust and engage with online reviews regularly. Furthermore, each customer has the right to voice out by giving reviews or feedback. You can encourage your customers to leave their positive feedback after purchased. By doing this, your business are able to get a lot of positive reviews and maintain a good reputation.

You Shouldn’t Ignore the Negative Review 

It is normal that customers leave a negative review after a bad experienced as a way to release frustration. Therefore, negative reviews have a direct impact to lose the potential customer and reputation of an organization. Negative review makes them question the quality of a business. You need to know even a single review can drive away around 22% of customers. No one likely to purchase from business with many negative reviews which represents the sellers attitude and credibility.

Respond politely

Moreover, you must respond promptly and politely to the all the reviews with at least an acknowledgement or apologized for the issue. Response or apologize is not only for all the bad review, you are actually dealing with every single individual. Anyone who reads and view the reviews able to know the way of your company handling the issue. Ignoring the negative review will only cause complaints and hurts your brand in the online forum.

Turn the negative review into positive review 

Nevertheless, it is the seller’s responsibility to gain more positive reviews to their sites. You shouldn’t be frustrated while receiving a negative feedback because it is an opportunity for you to learn and improve from mistake. In fact, reviews are influencing the opinions of potential customers, you shouldn’t let it become a stumbling block to your success.

A business that responds to negative reviews able to build up a good image. When the visitors looking over the review you’ve replied and resolved customers’ bad experiences, the overall service quality is still good. This may significantly affect the perception of new visitors after knowing that you care the customers.