The World of technological wonders

For many years technology has stagnated. But one day everything changed. With the invention of the internet, our society changed in a way that we never expected. We can now be connected with every person, every PC in the whole wide world instantaneously. Get any information on the palm of our hands in just mear seconds. The options are pretty much endless.
But what about data storage? In the near past, internet data storage was something that was really expensive and inefficient. You had to physically bring a hard drive or a flash drive to every single PC if you wanted to transfer data. But with time, internet storage, or better to say, Cloud storage has become a part of our day-to-day lives. But what exactly is Cloud storage and why is it so amazing? Well, you will find that out in this article. So buckle up and join us on this interesting adventure.

What is Cloud Storage?

Many people have heard about it, but most of them don`t exactly know what cloud storage is and how it works. Well…how does it work? Cloud storage is the type of storage located somewhere on a distant server. It can be located on the opposite side of the world for that matter. But it will still do its job, and that is storing your precious data on safe servers which are located all around the globe. And you can access your data with any smartphone or PC that you own. It is perfectly safe and out of reach of potential hackers.

Why should I use Cloud storage?

Now comes the most important question. Why should you use Cloud Storage? What makes it so unique and safe? Well, there are many more than a few reasons. But we will mention only ones that are really important for this topic.

1. Security

Let us just do a little thought experiment. We usually store our data locally, on our hard disc, flash drive and so on. What do you think, how long would it take for a regular hacker to steal your data from local storage? It would take him literally seconds, and voila, you just lost your precious data. Or even worse, any regular person that knows a little bit about PCs could potentially steal your physical media like hard disc and flash drive.
But if your data is stored in a Cloud, then we are talking about a completely different story. Yes, they could still steal your physical data, but it would still be safe and sound inside Cloud storage. And all your worries will be gone forever.

2. Data corruption

Every programmer or a person that works with quintessential data on a daily bases have one fear. What if data becomes corrupted and unfixable. All the months of hard work are thrown right out the window. And now you need to start from the begging. Or do you? If you use cloud storage this problem will become history. How does it work? First, you select how often you would like to send data to the cloud. It can be once a day, once an hour, you get the point. And now every time that you reach that time mark, your data will be automatically saved on the cloud storage and safe from any potential data corrupting occurrence.

3. Always within the reach of your hands

One of the most useful benefits of using cloud storage is the capability of having all of your data just one click away. You can reach it by using any computer or smartphone anywhere in the world. The choice is yours. But be sure that you always use a secure password which is hard to break into.

4. An efficient way of sharing your data

This is one of the most useful features of Cloud storage. The capability to share data instantaneously. Just picture this. You have a company with 50 employees and you have some data that you need to share with them. In the old days, you would have to go from one employee to another until you finally transfer the data to all of them. But with cloud storage you can put the data on Cloud, give them access to Cloud and viola, they all have the data in a matter of seconds.

Why should you choose Net Onboard Cloud Storage?

There are a lot of cloud storage services on the market right now. Many of them do offer some great features and security levels. But there is more than one thing that makes us different from all the other services.
For starters, we will offer you top-notch encryption with compliance to ISO 27001 standard. We also offer you many safe servers in many different locations. So there is pretty much no chance that we will lose your data.
And we also offer you an easy-to-use interface that even your grandma would easily learn how to use it.
So what are you waiting for? Store your important data on the cloud storage which you can trust!