Tips to Create Cost-effective Application for Your Business

In this era, modern businesses emphasize on mobile app development to fulfill their business goals. Mobile apps are user-friendly whereby it is able to increase your value to customers, customer engagement and brand recognition. But, it is not cheap to develop an application on both iOS and Android to drive your business.

Check out the great tips to develop a mobile app with low costs.


# Tips 1   A Clear Product Goal

Why I need a specific application? It surely has a certain intention for you to develop an application for your business. A clear product goal is required to ensure you don’t waste unnecessary time and money. It is better to be more specific on what you want your developers to do. You are able to save up your application development costs if you’ve clearly defined the goals.  

Always ask yourself why you need an application and how does it helps in your business so it will be easier for you to achieve the goals.

  •  Who is your target audience to use the app? (Demographic)
  •  Who are the competitors?
  •  What is the Unique Selling Prepositions of your app? Why should they use the app?
  •  What is the reason of using your applications?
  •  How you going to use the application to grab customer attention?
  •  What are the important features that you should include in the application?
  •  What does the application supposed to do in helping your business?

By asking yourself a series of questions, you may identify some problems and solutions:

  •  You may find out the competitors marketing strategy and the way they acquire customers.
  •  Important features that needed in your application.
  •  Interest or hobby of prospect and customers.


# Tips 2   Choose the Right Pricing Model for Your Applications

Hourly rates versus fixed price, which one you will choose to pay to your outsourcing partner?

Paying the fixed price is the choice of most businesses because of a tight budget. However, you have no room left to make modification unless you willing to pay extra.

In fact, most development companies will charge hefty fees for modifications after the first initial round of development. But, some mobile development companies do offer a third mobile app development pricing model for budget-wise business.  

It is called “Fixed-Budget Model” is suitable for a start-up company. The development company will give you guidance in managing your mobile app with a limited budget.


#Tips 3  Android or iOS? Choose ONE Only

Customers able to do whatever they normally did on your site by using applications from their devices. It can be another sales channel for your business, but you should think wisely when your budget is tight.

Moreover, based on your target audience research, you should know either you’ve more Android user or iOS users. You can easily make decisions on the platform where the majority of your customers use to support your business based on data collected.


#Tips 4  Building an MVP Version

You don’t have to rush into building a complete-functionality app which costs a lot. MVP is one of the most effective ways to determine strong and weak points of the app development. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, a prototype of your application in progress that contains the major attractions including app features, designs and functionality.

It can benefit you in gaining understanding about your customers. It can be a trial before you officially launched the application. You can observe the customer reaction, collect feedback and determine the elements that need to be improved. In fact, MVP enables you to test the functionality of your mobile application in the real market before you invest more money into the full-feature development.


#Tips 5  The Ongoing Maintenance Costs

App maintenance costs can effect your budget and financial plans. For example, if you are building an food delivery app like Honestbee and you want to send a text notification, you need to pay a recurring fee to a third party service provider.

In fact, there are free services and open-source APIs that you can use. Some developers or company will give you different suggestion and options. You only need to communicate with them and let them know what exactly you want.