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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the use of technology that relies on shared computing resources rather than owning local facilities. Cloud computing is a service that allows consumers to move their digital resources, such as data and application into the provider’s data center. All the services are transferred through the internet (cloud). consumers are required to pay only when they use the service (pay per use).

Reason why business use cloud computing service is because the business can avoid spending cost and avoid complexity by owning their own IT facilities to support their operation. With cloud computing, the business will simply pay the cloud computing service providers to rent their facilities for the business. The major reason is because the business only needs to pay for what they use.


History of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was quite new in the technology world. However, the concept of cloud computing came from the development of APRANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) in 1969, which become the core of internet development. The ideas of where multiple people can access CPU and data at the same time. Then the term of cloud computing began more popular in 1999, when Salesforce offered software that can be used by downloading through the internet. Salesforce popularity also brings cloud computing to the surface of technology world, especially in the SaaS scope (software as a service).

In the few years, cloud computing becomes more popular, thanks to its ability to optimize cost and time for most businesses. The Amazon web-based retail business growth attracts cloud computing once more, in order to solve problems that might occur in Amazon business. Therefore, Amazon launched its own web services, called Amazon Web Services in 2006. At the same time, Google introduced its Google doc that allows several users to access, edit, save and share data online.

In 2007, alongside with Netflix’s streaming service, cloud became the best solution for Netflix. With that, many businesses realize how important cloud computing is. Therefore, big companies were competing to build cloud computing services, including IBM, Apple with its iCloud, and Oracle with its IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.


Types of Cloud Computing

There are three models of cloud computing, public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. This classification is based on the deployment ways of the cloud services you need for your business.

Public Cloud

Public cloud is an outsourced cloud computing where multiple customers shared same services from a providers. Cloud service providers allows users to access their data or applications in the provider’s infrastructure. The infrastructure itself are also used by most of the cloud service provider’s users. However, your data or applications are not accessible for other users in the public cloud. Public cloud commonly operating in various data centers to avoid any incident that might lose the data permanently. In addition, public cloud security is managed properly to maintain and protect the data of various users from external threats.

In order to offer a reliable service, public cloud service providers are relying on strong bandwidth. With a strong network connectivity, users can transfer data with efficiency. However, public cloud is not suggested for companies / users that dealing with sensitive data, because the user have lack of flexibility and security control. Furthermore, public data center might attract hackers, and try to attack and steal the data inside.


Private Cloud

In private cloud, users can store and manage their data without sharing with other users. Private cloud can be hosted at the user’s own premises or using third party services. If using third party services, users will have a private server that separated from other users that are hosted by the providers. Users that use private cloud will have a greater flexibility in accessing the data, manage and modify the security protocol.

However, due to low third party involvement, the cost of maintaining and operating the hardware might more costly compared to public cloud. Users might need to spend a lot of resources to maintain the server, such as IT specialists and funds. Private cloud is suitable for companies that dealing with private data, to ensure security for their critical data.


Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is the term for combining the use of public and private cloud for the company. The user is utilizing its own private server for sensitive data; while also using third party provider service to store and manage miscellaneous data that are less sensitive. Hybrid cloud offers more flexibility for the user and ensure the operation is efficient enough. Many big companies are using several providers to reduce disruption when one of the providers has failures on their system.

However, Hybrid cloud also has some obstacle. Hybrid cloud users might need to track several providers and will take the users’ time. In addition, companies that use hybrid cloud might need a more complex IT management to assist the transmittal processes. Most of companies in the world are using hybrid cloud, as it offers greater flexibility to compare to other models.


Usage of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is predicted to gain an increase revenue in time. In 2021, almost all non cloud businesses will migrate to cloud computing. Cloud computing will replace the traditional way to run a business. It is because cloud computing offer businesses to focus on their core operation, and position the  provider as a supporting resource that manage most of the businesses data and application.

Beside of that, cloud computing will be beneficial for businesses that focus on test and development. Test and development can be so costly for the business, therefore, cloud computing allows business to use the provider’s platform to run test and development with automated resources. Hence, the business will operate more efficiently with cloud computing.

Then, cloud computing allows business to analyze mass amount of data, both structured and unstructured data. This will optimize the business strategy on the market by providing information that has been collected via the cloud. It fastens your business activities, and can help your business reach your objectives.

With cloud, businesses won’t need to worry about their storage capacity. Cloud can store big files in that can be accessed easily by the user. Therefore, businesses can allocate their spending to cloud instead of maintaining their own storage. The cloud can be expanded easily when your storage is going to reach the limit, all you need just to pay the provider, and they will provide you with more space in the cloud.

Lastly, cloud computing providers commonly has a concentrated power to support the data center, therefore, you can access, manage, and share your data quickly without worrying about the infrastructure needed for such technology.


Importance of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will make your business operate more efficiently by reducing cost to maintain your own server, or even software. It will do all the things for you, so you can focus on your main concern, the market. Its flexibility will benefit your business, as you can choose what types of cloud you need, and you only need to pay according to your need. For that reason, you can eliminate wasteful spending for building your own infrastructure.


Some Cloud Companies

There are a lot of cloud service providers that spread around the world. But here are some of the major players in the cloud computing market.

  1. Net Onboard
  2. Amazon Web Service
  3. IBM Cloud
  4. Microsoft Azure
  5. Google Cloud Platform
  6. Oracle Cloud
  7. Salesforce
  8. Red Hat
  9. SAP
  10. Alibaba Cloud

They are offering various services, but commonly SaaS, as SaaS cloud service contributes the biggest market in the industry. Every company has their own main focus that becomes the reason to differentiate their service from each other.