Advancement of technology is beneficial or harmful to our lives?

Digital technologies play a crucial role in improving our standard of living. It used for almost everything and increased overall efficiency in various fields. It originally created to serve better for humanity, lead to the creation of new product and services. Consumers around the world are able to benefit the technological improvement no matter they are rich or poor.

However, technology gadgets such as mobile phones, computers and television has slowly taken an essential part in our daily life without realizing it. Excessive exposure to technology may have a harmful impact on different aspects such as social, education, physical and mental health. Overuse in digital technologies will reduce the ability of humanity and slowly being replaced by machines and robots.


Discover the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology



Continuous development of technology has made significant contributions to the medical field worldwide. Healthcare is the most important industry because it is about sustaining and saving peoples lives. The medical devices and equipment including MRI machines, robotic prosthetic limbs and artificial organs has an incredible impact on improving peoples lives. The practitioner can find ways to improve the surgical procedures and provide a better diagnosis to the patient.

Thanks to the technologies, many mistakes and medical error has reduced. Besides, you’re are able to monitor your health, fitness and weight through the use of health care mobile applications. Users are able to track their heart rate, health diet with the data showed. By using the modern technology, users are able to identify any discomfort and get treatment immediately.


Communication is a need to reach a common understanding between each other.   The way of communication has changed with the advanced communication technology tools. It includes email, video conferencing, instant text messaging applications enables a better connection with family and friends. These technology tools make the communication process much easier, faster and more consistent. Documentation and pictures also can easily send through email or applications.

Furthermore, technology- based communication is cost-effective and interactive. As you know that long-distance phone calls are charged at a higher billing rate than local calls. It is costly when someone wants to communicate with family members living overseas. Today, long-distance phone call has been eliminated by society and replaced with free internet calls such as Whatsapp and Skype. For instance, business meetings can be done through video conferencing (Skype), which has omitted the need of flight tickets.

Increased productivity

Technologies have benefited companies by capitalizing on industry needs and employee engagement with the help of proper software and tools. It is able to enhance workforce, you are able to access huge amounts of cloud-based data at any time.  As you know that human has a limited workforce and slow which causes failure in product quality. Integration of modern technology solves the problem by increase the production and allows a consistent product or service quality.

Furthermore, the management can leverage online productivity and organizational tools for time tracking or work progress. If a business project is behind schedule, they are able to speed things up by using the tools.

Hence, businesses would not be spending much money on mass advertising. Technology allows you to focus the marketing efforts through the use of culling data and click-through ads. This is able to target the right audience with less expenses. The business can save up the costs and use it for other marketing purposes.




Technologies used in the education industries to increase student engagement and motivation.Teachers can play education videos to provide a clear explanation to the students. Computers substituted the use of paper and pen with hi-tech features. Students have to look for information at the library and jot down notes, but now they able to search for answer through internet. This has caused declines in students critical thinking and analysis whereby plagiarism and cheating has increased.

Moreover, the young generation relies too much on entertainment technologies such as video games and social media, they are focusing less on studies. Students have a low exam results while they keep distracted by messages, games and videos. Technologies has an impact on the decreasing use of memory and attention

Physical effects

Spending more time on technological devices is dangerous. Constantly staring at the bright screen can harm your eyesight and cause obesity. People tend to snack a lot while completing a task on the computer but lack of exercise. There is less blood circulation in your body if you sit for too long in the same sitting position in front the laptop. Therefore, people putting on headphones while completing tasks or playing games. Loud music in headphones goes over your ears can damage your hearing and ruin your life. It is not recommended to use headphones for more than 90 minutes each day.

Security and Privacy

Although modern technology has aided security, more information is connected to the internet and very hard to keep data safe. It is easier than before to find someone’s information through the internet with just few click’s. Especially for social media, your pictures, contacts posted on the web may give an opportunity to others to steal your personal identity.

Moreover, a single data breach can hurt businesses by losing customers private data into hand of criminals. The attacker is exploiting system vulnerabilities to install malware onto a computer and access data. Cyber attack is common, but it is costly and time-consuming for organization to repair.