Why your business need to be online?

In the era of advanced technology, the use of gadgets or devices are unavoidable. It is essential for businesses to have an online presence to improve customer relationship and increase customer base. It is impossible to deny the power of internet that influence consumer behaviour. A company able to grab attention of online consumers by conducting an online presence to enhance accessibility. Meanwhile, it is easy and costing less to establish an online site, electronic words of mouth really works in engaging customers. Although some traditional business are skeptical to establish online website, they might change their mind after knowing the benefits of being online.


7 reasons that business need to have an online presence

Increased competitive advantage

Since most of the retail stores are moving forward to online business, social media profile or website able to set the business apart from the competition. Online presence allows business to strengthen their professional image to compete with similar businesses. Moreover, people living out of state able to visit the online store and discover anything that they curious. Most commonly, people are searching for product information, place of production and review from others before they purchase. An online store may significantly help to increase sales and maintain loyal customers.

Generate business

A website, blog or forum plays a role as the medium between the company and the customer. It makes the company have a better visibility and recognition to a reach greater audience. The business has wider exposure around the world 24 hours per day and able to increase the customer base. Therefore, building brand awareness also enable companies to generate leads in another town. Online operation offers a wider increase space for business in getting prospects and customers. The product or  name can easily search by prospects and current customers. They are able to find out more about the online store by engaging the official website.

Better Customer support

Business able to provide a better customer service with the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section which can use for a few years. It saves the time of a business owner with the help of providing a more reliable customer service. Conducting business online enable business owners to give basic information and solved common customer service issue. Only complex issue will settle through phone calls. By doing this, there are less interrupting phone calls that affect the employee working performances. Business operations can focus more on promoting and revenue generating activities.

Low start up costs

Online platform is free of charge for users, anyone is able to build a web page and start selling. It is inexpensive to set up an online store compared to set up a physical store. Only simple steps needed to build up an online site without paying for shop rental, vehicles and labor. As long as the business have a good supply of product catchy website, the online business able to run smoothly. In fact, the internet gives countless of opportunity to businesses in building brand awareness and advertising. For example, social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click advertising. Word press is the best choice for business websites, it doesn’t cost much and can be designed with almost no coding.

Global Reach

The retail business has limited numbers of individuals enjoying the product and services. It only limits the business to people that living in certain locations. In contrast, online store provides access to the broader market. Retailers can reach their target audience easily while integrating an online store that accessible in any area around the world. Moreover, a large amount of people able to visit an online store at once, but keep the customer is not easy. From this point of view, there is a similarity between offline and online business. The way to keep customers is based on the marketing strategies. Digital marketing tactics such as content marketing and email marketing allows a business to increase traffic of online store.

Increase company responsiveness

Online sites have significantly change the business interaction and operating processes of the company. It allows the business person responding to customer or supplier in a faster way. For instance, a business person can purchase order and confirm the order instantly. Online stores able to process orders and confirm with the customers. Inventory tracking and outstanding orders can be completely automated. Many unnecessary steps that use in the olden days has been removed. The customer will satisfied with the services and fast response offered by the business and turning more prospects into leads.

Build Relationship with customers

Social media consider as a most effective channel to drive prospects to business site. It is able to build relationship between individuals and business. Social media allows an individual to interact with the company on a more personal level. In fact, direct message or conversations via social media shows that the online store is responsive to customer’s questions. The customer will trust the online business only if they provide a good service. All the purchasing experiences may take into considerations in determining their loyalty towards a brand.

Furthermore, the responding speed is important as well. Customer expect an immediate answer through social media once they encounter an issue. They might turn into an unhappy customer and feel disappointed with slow response. Moreover, customers are attracted to promotions and sales. An online store can run events and sales on specific social media networks to grow that specific network and followers. For example, anyone who likes and share the post on social media will receive a 20% discount.