Social Media Outage!

What is going on these days? Yesterday Google’s Gmail and Drive was partially down. Today, Facebook, the world’s largest social network company and its product Instagram are partially down across the country for some users. They now rely on Twitter to explain about their apps were experiencing outages around the world. Although both apps are able to open, but some of their functionality is missing or you’ll meet with an error pages.

From Outage.Report and Down Detector outage map we can found that the majority the people experience the outage are located in US, UK and Australia , as well as Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Both platform’s users reporting to have issues, especially when sending and receiving messages with Messenger as well as posting new content or searching around for any post. Even the Oculus VR that owned by Facebook is also experiencing issues related to the outage.

However, the issue isn’t impacting all Facebook and Instagram users, even some of the users in the same area might not facing the same issues.

The outage has currently lasted for several hours. They had not announce the cause of the outage to public yet, but Facebook confirm that this is not related to any DDoS attack towards them.