Why My Business Needs a Firewall

Opening any business is surely a difficult thing to do, but do you know what’s more challenging? Well! It is to manage it. Undeniably, one of the hardest jobs in the entire world is to make sure that a business is administered efficiently, especially when everything is being shifted over the internet. Whether a tiny bakery at the corner of the road or a gigantic multinational corporation at any business avenue. Almost every business entity is trying to maintain its existence online. And as the competition has become vast, there is also an increase in the revenues.

But as a business owner, a thought of being mugged ever distressed you? If not then think once again. As the internet has entered the business world, it has been playing an essential role. However, on the contrary, businesses are also found at risk because of a simple computer virus. Also, an attempt from any professional hacker can make you kneel on your knees. How? Just imagine all your business information, clients’ details, and personal information being hijacked, or misused. Wouldn’t that be painful? But hats off to this beautiful creation called ‘firewall’ for guarding the businesses 24/7.

Firewall – A Relief for Business

Possibly, you might have heard about a firewall before. Of course, anyone, who has been into computing, is aware of this word. But do you know the real purpose of it? A firewall is the basic need of any IT infrastructure. It works as a filter between the internet and your computer (or computer networks). It helps administrators to permit or restrict any activity by protecting from any major and minor internal or external threats. Thus, any information that is passed or received between the computer and the internet can be easily detected. This results in highly effective protection against any kind of data infringement.

A Common Misconception about Firewall

Many people think that a firewall is only authentic to be used for personal computers. And it is true that the majority of PCs indeed come with limited firewall protection to prevent any unwanted intrusion by cybercriminals, such as hackers using tricks to send malware to steal the data, identities, raiding bank accounts, and many more. So the question is if a firewall can protect personal computers then why not businesses? In case you are living with this same confusion, then it is time to better clear your thoughts. A firewall, as a matter of fact, can do wonders for your business security. And regardless of how big or small your business is, a firewall can protect it from all kinds of cyber threats.


Reasons Why a Firewall is a Need for Your Business

All those traditional ways of doing business aren’t effective without the presence of modern technology. If such were the case, then many organizations wouldn’t choose the internet as their current platform to take over the world by expanding their businesses. The fastest way of ‘going global’ is through the internet, but as it can be a lot risky due to cybercrimes, and malware; therefore, a firewall is one of the basic needs of your business.

So! If you are still confused about why you need a firewall for your business, then here are a few essential reasons to consider.

1.    Blocking All Unauthorized Access

One of the worst things, which could happen to any business, is the security breach. And sadly, most of the organizations don’t have the strength to afford the aftermath once the data is leaked. On the other hand, big guns may find easier to manage any unauthorized access due to their strong and vast IT department. But for the small or medium-sized businesses, such incidents are nothing but a complete loss and failure.

This is why the majority of IT experts and online security providers suggest installing a firewall, as it is an inexpensive way to fight cyber-attacks. A well-managed firewall is a remedy solution for such problems. It will block any unauthorized user from reaching any confidential information and you will be notified immediately about the matter to take any further action.

2.    Prevent from Accessing Unwanted Content

As a business owner, you must be willing to grow your sales every day to get an increased profit. And to achieve that target, you must be having a workforce, who can manage day-to-day tasks to meet the needs. But this could only be possible if the employees are well-focused on the strategies. Any waste of time can bring unsatisfying results. However, it is found that most of the staff love to kill their time at work, and for that reason, they prefer visiting social media forums, such as Facebook. This is not only a loss in productivity but also your business is at great risk of becoming non-competitive.

So, to assure that everyone is dedicated to their work, a firewall can be your biggest help to prevent employees from wasting their time and resources. It can block an individual or a group of websites, which are irrelevant and unnecessary to be visited during the work hours.

Moreover, sometimes the employees mistakenly click on several websites, which are infected with viruses, or created by the hackers to steal the information. So, with the help of firewall protection, the employees are also saved from visiting any websites, which can be extraordinarily harmful to your business.

3.    Enhanced Business Security

With time, your business may need a lot of improvements in terms of security. It is important to understand that every client’s information has to be kept under tight security. And as there is advancement in the technology; therefore, the threat of being trespassed appears to be high. It is possible that hackers can steal all the important business details in several new ways. So, nothing more can be helpful than having a firewall protecting all the business secrets.

A firewall won’t only battle against all the old ways of getting intrude, but it will also help you in securing your business from any new techniques of cyber-criminal activities, such as advanced phishing, and using artificial intelligence.

4.    Monitoring Traffic

It’s hard to monitor your business traffic, especially if the quantity is high. But at the same time, it is one of the most important things to do because hackers may enter your network by creating bots to steal the information. So through a firewall, you can monitor the type of traffic your business website is receiving. A firewall will help in determining the authentic traffic by investigating the packets in a two-way. This means that any hazardous information being sent or received will be easily detected.

5.    Jamming Trojans

Trojans are one of the worst kinds of cyber-attacks and it can happen to any business. They are extremely dangerous, as they silently transmit all the information they have uncovered about your business to a web server. This illegal transportation of information remains unnoticed until you find out unusual happenings. But a firewall will help in blocking all the Trojans before they come and infect your business.



Remember! A firewall can be of no use if the settings are not made correctly. This is why it is important to have an expert handling all the settings for running the business smoothly. Otherwise, your business may face several problems, such as a blockage in the business activities, errors in the workflow, and difficulty for the end-user to access any other legal networks. Therefore, it is always recommended to have an accurate firewall installation to ensure business growth without any obstacles.

Whether your business is small or huge, it is your responsibility to protect it from every threat. With a plethora of cyberattacks, it seems impossible to safeguard all the information and details of your clients. However, the only way to secure all your networks from hackers and viruses is through a firewall. It is the ultimate solution to keep all the essential data safe. This ensures the diminishing of all the factors, which hinders your business stability.