Why Website Traffic is Important?

Increase website traffic means that you have more opportunities to build relationships with customers. Business owners and marketers would like to boost up website traffic to generate qualified leads. Moreover, increase website traffic doesn’t only mean making a profit, it allows a long-term return when growing your business. The business opportunities include open new outlets, expand your product lines, invest in research and develop new products and services. Although website traffic is not the only thing your business should depend on, obviously it plays a big part in your business success.


Website Traffic Impact in 3 Ways:

Numbers of visitors

It is good to have a larger number of visitors to boost up your website traffic and give opportunities to interact with them.


Quality of your website traffic

Visitors can be good or bad, some visitors are the potential customer, but the others might be just spamming at your website. So, bad traffic can bog your business down at some level if it is not well-managed.


Increase your website conversion

When you managed to increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors, you can increase your website conversion and get those visitors to become paying customers.


Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website Without Spending Much

#Tip 1 : Use social media channels/ be active on social media

The popularity of social media cannot be denied. Everyone knows that social media is one of the free marketing tools that helps in driving traffic to websites. The most common social media channels include the use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote blog posts. Furthermore, you need to encourage visitors to like, share and comment on your content, if not your content will be just a waste. By having followers feedback, you can identify the content they like and make further improvement in the next content.


#Tip 2 : Search Engine Optimization

Businesses utilize SEO to build a strong web presence and gain new customers. SEO can create robust, fast and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines. By implementing the use of SEO, you can gain more qualified potential customers to the websites. Hence, SEO not only about optimizing for search engines, it can also improve user experience as well. You will be able to increase page view and allows visitors to stay longer by having a well-structured, clean and uncluttered websites. On-page SEO can enhance the user experience by making them happy with high-quality information.


#Tip 3 : Target to long-tail Keywords

Keywords play an important role in web searching because it is a way that marketers use to target potential customers. It is so-called long-tail keywords in professional terms. Long-tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases that are very specific to the things that you are selling. Moreover, you should target long-tail keywords as part of your SEO content strategy. Customers will use a highly specific search phrase to seek out their target purchase and these searches are more likely to convert to sales.


#Tip 4 : Email marketing

Businesses focus more on content marketing or social media marketing in promoting and attracting customers. They forget about the traditional methods can help to drive website traffic. However, sending out a regular newsletter or special deals through emails can result in a significant uptick in traffic. You can email your customers as a reminder about newly launched products or services. The power of word-of-mouth cannot be underestimated, especially for someone satisfied with your services. Conversely, if you continually bombard your readers with emails they might disengage or unsubscribe from your emails.


# Tip 5 : Engage online community

Business wants to have an online presence to obtain more business opportunity. It is free to be active online no matter you are an individual or business owner. You can build an online community to increase the interactivity of your business. It is a great way to start your conversation with prospects and customers. Once the prospects feel passionate about the discussion topic, they might switch from prospect to consumers. It is online interaction that makes consumers know more about your business and gain their trust before purchase. Also, the online community allows visitors to comment on social media posts. You can create a dedicated forum where you can answer their question based on a different query.


#Tip 6 : Be responsive to visitors

Everything goes fast, no matter it is the speed of the internet or the time required for you to respond to the visitors. Customers expect a fast response when they encounter some issues, you need to be responsive to satisfy their needs and wants. Those days where people do internet browsing on their personal computer has been replaced by mobile devices. Therefore, your website needs to be accessible and view-able across a range of devices especially the smart devices.

I believed that most of you have experienced this. Waiting for so long to load a website, but unable to view some images due to error. Websites must be technically optimized so it wouldn’t make visitors wait for so long. Visitors might feel frustrated if your sites keep forever to load.