Team-building in mother nature

Recently, Net Onboard held a team-building camp at Kem Lang Buana in Kuala Kangsar. It was a fun and fruitful get away from our usual lifestyle.

We departed early in the morning at around 7:30 A.M. After a light breakfast, we went off in three separate cars. It took us around 3 hours to reach our first checkpoint. We had lunch before moving on to Kem Lang Buana, our final destination.

Sungai Perak
Sungai Perak

It was a little training camp by the banks of Sungai Perak. Surrounded by lush tropical forests, the serenity of nature sets upon us instantly. The river was flowing unexpectedly fast. It was murky because of the dam upstream discharging water from the reservoir.

We settled ourselves in four chalets overlooking the river. It was a basic chalet with not much additional features. It felt like living in an actual village. After putting everything down, we gathered in the big house. Our camp leader, Ms.Siti briefed us on the upcoming activities, which included various indoor and outdoor games.

The chalet was simple, like how nature should be.

We gave ourselves a new identity

First up was a team development and presentation activity. Ms.Siti arranged us into 4 groups. We had to come up with a group name, logo and cheer. In the end, we ended up with BeLive, 2 In 1, ASH and NetCoin as our four groups.

Next up, the four groups compete in a little game which involves transporting ping pong balls through plastic tubes without dropping them. It trains our teamwork and communication skills. After numerous intense rounds of competition, 2 in 1 came out victorious.

Ping Pong
Team 2 in 1 carefully transporting the ping pong ball to the basket.

Exploration + Race

Our next activity was the Explorace. We were given multiple tasks that we have to finish before the time ends. As soon as the games started, the rain began pouring in. With sheer determination, we braved the weather and set on to completing our tasks. It was a challenge of both brain and brawn. We have to complete a series of games while also answering a list of questions about the camp and its surrounding history. The race ended with BeLive scoring the most points out of the four groups.

Participants working hard to crack the quiz.

We got several hours of rest after that. Some of us crashed the beds instantly after a shower. It was still raining outside and the air was chilly, perfect for a good relaxing nap.

Showing off our talents

At night, we had a great BBQ dinner feast courtesy of the personnel in charge of the camp. It was perfect as the air is still filled with raindrops falling from the sky. After dinner, we had our next activity – talent night.

We are to perform according to our groups. Each of the groups started coming up with ideas. Eventually, BeLive and 2 in 1 combined for their performance, which involves dancing to the chicken song. ASH did a neat little parody of Frozen’s Let It Go while NetCoin danced to Handclap with a self-written rap as a twist. The winner of this incredibly fun contest goes to the combination of BeLive and 2 in 1.

The night ends with one final mini-game. The 4 teams go head on to see who could resist laughter the most. The group that laughs the most lose. BeLive won this convincingly with the first member lasting through to the end of the whole contest without laughing a single time.

Most of us went to sleep instantly after that, it was a tiring but fun day. We went to bed looking forward to the next one.

Surviving the wild

The rain poured down through the night, providing us with a chilly blanket of air as we went into our dreams. As the sun rises, the signs of rain had disappeared, leaving us with a sunny and clear morning.

The beautiful morning on the banks of Sungai Perak.

We started the day with a good meal of Nasi Lemak, our activity for the day was survival training. Under the guidance of the crew, we did warm-ups and headed down to the riverbank.

They taught us some different ways to survive in floods or when you are getting swept away by the river. First, we practiced on dry land before moving into the river itself. The current was fast, as it rained heavily overnight. So we had to cancel any plans for crossing the river. Instead, we paced ourselves near the bank of the river. With a buoyancy aid strapped on, we entered the river one by one. The crew guided us on floating and other basic survival skills. We also had fun playing in the river.

Survival training in the river.

Closing Up

It was as if time went by in a flash, we were already at the end of our team-building camp. We had our last meal at the place. Ms.Siti delivered the closing of our 2-day camp. BeLive was the final winner of all activities combined. 2 In 1 came in second with NetCoin not far behind. ASH closed out the rankings with fourth place.

We would like to thank Ms.Siti and the crew at Kem Lang Buana for providing the accommodation and activities for us. They made this an unforgettable experience for every one of us.

An amazing trip

Being in the wild for a couple of days refreshed us. It is like a breath of fresh air from the cityscape that we are used to. Also, we can understand each other more and enhance our teamwork. Overall, it was a very positive experience for all of us.

We hope to be able to have more team building activities like this in the future, we love the feeling of being out in the wild. Thanks to our Net Onboard management for organizing this trip. It was such an amazing experience that we could not wait for the next one to come.