Going up to a new level of cloud

From the 18th to 21st November, our colleague Jasper went to a Microsoft Azure Administrator Certificate Training. He was sent by Net Onboard to attend and acquire new knowledge regarding cloud computing.

Held at Trainocate Malaysia, It was a 4-day training course on how to properly set up and deploy Azure services. Many practical labs were included so that attendees have the opportunity to get some valuable hands-on sessions.

The site of the sessions at Trainocate Malaysia.

Modules that were being introduced include Azure Administrative, Azure Virtual Machine, Virtual Networking and much more.

A training experience unlike any other

The session was filled with much to be learned. It provided highly useful information and knowledge that would be crucial for running such services.

Jasper was very glad with the results of the training.

‘It was an amazing opportunity and I was humbled to be able to attend. I gained a lot from this, and I will take what I learned and ascend my working capabilities.’ Jasper commented after coming back from the training.

Net Onboard is always looking to strive to the next level. We will never stop seeking opportunities to improve ourselves as a whole so that we could provide better services to our customers.