On 7th March 2019, Net Onboard was delighted to participate in ‘Industry into The Classroom Initiative’, a programme conducted by Mr Andrew Ho from INTI International College Subang. The academic talk on Server Management Services of Net Onboard Sdn Bhd was conducted by our Business Development Manager, Mr Lee Yip Fei.

Among of the topic covered were as follows:

  • Brief overview of server management.
  • Underlying IT architecture used for server management.
  • Understand what is a Data Center and how it is managed.
  • The impact of new server management development and trends.
  • Server management related career opportunities

We would like to thank all 30 students from the studies of Diploma in Information Technology who join this talk and we hope that through this session, all students can get a clearer view and understanding on server management and thus can help them to determine their career paths and goals in future.

Those who would like to join our internship programme you may apply through below link:

Let’s join us to widen your knowledge on server management 😊