Becoming an Expert in Sales

Sales refer to the the selling activities to the customer. Sales are one of the core activities in a business. Through sales, businesses can earn revenue and generate profit to maintain and improve the business itself. Sales might not hard for the salesperson who have a ton of experience selling things.

However, how if there are some ways to increase your sales? Would you like to learn those new techniques and leaving your comfort zone even further? Well, that’s up to your judgment about these tips that we are going to share with you in this article.


Benefits of Sales

Before we learn the techniques, let’s find out why sales are so important to a business. Here are some benefits of sales to an organization:

1. Business Development

A business with a good quality product and service, convenience for consumers, lower cost, and other positive things are likely to ruin if the business cannot generate sales. A business might not be able to cover its expenses without sales. In addition, the business itself will not have a chance to develop.

Therefore, every business should not spend more than the sales they generate. The business should increase its sales without adding a significant number of expenses to grow in every sector, such as size, profitability, and the chance to apply fresh and high technology to the business.

2. Closer Customer Engagement

Through sales, Businesses have opportunity to getting closer with with their customers. Beside of generating revenue for businesses, customers also provide information, like feedback. This information can be critical for the business, where they can settle on their weak spot, and improve in the future. Furthermore, engage with your customers, let you know what the market needs at the current time.

Engaging with your customers will lower customer turnover, and of course makes them go back to purchase with you again. Through a good sales experience from the customers’ perspective, more of your customers will maintain using your product/service. Therefore, be on your customer’s point of view when you make sales and gain their trust.

Note: The reason is, trying to get new customers is more expensive and take much effort compare to maintain your existed customers.

contract signing between salesperson and the client
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Exceptional Sales Techniques

Sales are like competition, when a salesperson failed to sell things, another salesperson will take the customers and buy through them. In the business, winning the sales is a must and not losing potential customers to the competitors which have similar product/service. So how to win in sales competition? How to win the client’s choice? Here are some best techniques that are prepared by our team for any sales regardless the industry:

1. Find Your Customer Issue

Find out what is the benefit that your customer will get from this dialogue. When you want to sell your product or service, you must already know what your product or service offers to the client. These why you need to ask questions to your client, about what they need, what they expected about your offer. Only with that, you know how to persuade your client and present your product or service to them.

2. Engage Customer

Engagement is needed to build a warm relationship with your customer. The first thing to attract their interest is to make them like you. After that, only you can progress to the next step, which is trust. You should talk like a friend to your client, listen to them more instead of talking, giving response to their sharing, and much else. Try to make your client as comfortable as you can.

3. Creating Urgency

Creating urgency is the technique to develop an environment where the client feel the pressure to purchase your product / service, not by you, but by the situation that you create. How? You can try by creating a limit of time or stock of the product. Your client will feel more assured to close the deal quickly to you. But using this technique, you need to watch out for your competitor as well. This is the game of mind, where you need to control your client thoughts as well by not pushing them too hard with urgency.

4. Sell Yourself

When selling, you need to position yourself equally with the things you are going to sell. Why? Because you need to make your client trust you as you want your client to trust the product you are going to sell. Means that, you are becoming the representative of your product. You must perform at your best time and show your client that you are professional and have a good intention to them, which to solve their issue.

5. Focus on the Talk

Every salesperson must fully commit in the topic when talking with their client. There will be a lot of doubt from the client, hence, you as a salesperson must stay focused to erase all the doubts appear in the talk. It is an advice, for you to prepare all the possible outcome that might occur during the talk, such as doubts. All the answers or facts you mentioned, should be relevant and easy to understand for the client.

6. Be confident, While Also Humble

Confidence is a need to assure your potential buyer, however, it is better to be confident in other way. Be confident on how you will solve your client issues, rather than adoring your product too often. People are willing to solve their problem, not hearing any bullshit talks. Therefore, talk clearly to assure, and simply without adding too much praise on your own product. You must respect to your potential buyer.

7. Language

Language is a major factor in every successful communication. In sales, where communication is important to build interest and trust of your client, need strong words to persuade your client. To conduct a successful sale, you need to train and be skilled in both verbal and non-verbal language. Language can be the determinant in your sales success, however, an improper language will cost you highly, you might lose your sales opportunity and damage your reputation for future business.

8. Don’t be Pushy

Being pushy on your potential buyer is an unwise action. By doing this, you might create a thought to your potential buyer, when he/she thinks all you want to do is just selling your product, not solving his/her problems. Keep your relationship with your potential buyer, whether he/she buy from you or not, since your potential buyer might come back to you in the future when he/she likes and trust you.

9. Handling Objections

During sales moment, your potential buyer might have some thoughts that doubt what you are offering. To prevent doubts come from your potential buyer, you must be assured in your words. However, if your potential buyer’s doubt has come, you can say that you agree with them, but, you should create an urgency that he/she still need your product. The best way to handle objections is to assure them how significantly your product or service can do to solve your potential buyer’s problems.

salesperson is answering all doubts from the client
Image by ijmaki from Pixabay

10. Integrity

Last but not the least, selling without over-promising. It is very important to remember that you need your potential buyer to buy again with you in the future, you want them to come back to you. Therefore, build an honest relationship with your potential at the first time. Sell only good quality product that will not disappoint your buyer. With integrity, your business will keep growing with time, as your loyal buyer percentage might increase in time.



Sales as one of the major departments in every business have plenty of opportunity for your career. By train your skills using these techniques, you can become an expert in sales even at your very first time. Each person has different skills on dealing with another person, however, with practice, you can improve yourself in every way. Becoming a salesperson is challenging, but also rewarding. Sell everything you can provide to solve other problems.