The spooky season is upon us again

Finally, Halloween has arrived. Well, it might be a festive season for places like the USA. But here in Malaysia, truthfully it has often been overlooked.

If you enter shopping malls during this period. There is only a slim chance that you will find anything Halloween related in the decorations. When compared to other festivals in Malaysia, this is especially disheartening for those who celebrate it.

First and foremost, Malaysia is not a Christian majority country. Halloween is a Christian holiday, which could explain why it is not popular. Of course, Christian households in Malaysia still do celebrate it. My friend’s family of devoted Christians still hold gatherings and wear costumes on that day.

Not many families in Malaysia celebrate this occasion                                                                                Credits: Pixabay

Because of the above factor, I would think that not many people in Malaysia understand what is Halloween. Worry not, I knew nothing about it too. But after many hours of reading and consulting my friends, I am confident enough to write this little piece of introduction that follows.

So here comes the history lesson, Halloween version.

Halloween is a Christian holiday that has its roots in ancient Celtic festivals. The festival was called Samhain. It was held on the last day of October, right before the cold of winter sets in. It is also the last day of the Celtic Calendar, right before the new year. People would light bonfires and dress up in costumes to frighten ghosts.

By the time the Romans came, they decided to merge Samhain with a few Roman festivals. All of them focus on commemorating the dead.

When the Christians came along, they made November 1st All Saints Day. It was also named as the All-hallows or All-hallowmas. The night before it, which is the original Samhain celebration day, was called the All-hallows eve. This slowly evolved into the term we are familiar with now.

But the festival’s popularity did not skyrocket until it reached America. It was during this period where Halloween evolved to what we know now. Jack-O-Lanterns, trick or treats, spooky decorations and more.

The American influence turned Halloween from a ghastly experience to something family-friendly and fun. It was slowly changed to accommodate the huge amount of children that celebrate this festival.

Not many families in Malaysia celebrate this occasion                                                                                Credits: Pixabay

And back to Malaysia

To be honest, unless you hail from a Christian family, it is very unlikely you will feel the same about Halloween compare to those in the USA. And rarely will you get a chance to celebrate it too.

One of the more popular places in Malaysia where you could experience Halloween is Sunway Lagoon’s Night of Fright. You have to be quick though, it ends on the 2nd of November. If you want to get a taste of Halloween, you could try that out.

I for one do hope the festival’s popularity would someday rise in Malaysia. It looks like such a fun festival to be a part of.

Lastly, whether you are celebrating it or not, we at Net Onboard would like to wish you a Happy Halloween. May you have a bag full of candy, bones, bats and loads of fun.

Sincerely yours,
Net Onboard’s Marketing Team