We all know about the importance of fitness, staying fit can reduce our risk of various health problem such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, stroke and etc. Net Onboardian now set up fitness routine for better life.

We want to nurture team spirit, improve skill development and maintain good health in our life. Thus, we are establishing welfare group to encourage our team members to enjoy a joyful life while keeping pace in the career.Every Monday and Thursday will be Fitness day for Net Onboardian.

With is welfare group establishment, we will always seek for opportunity to help abandoned group. We notice that lots of unfortunate people have been abandoned by the society. We want to try our best to make them life easier.
We will put 100% to make our life as well as others life more delightful and meaningful. We want to share our knowledge and resources with the rest. Net Onboard- Deliver the Needs For Tomorrow.