Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day first started back in 1988, when computers began to gain popularity. Even though not household yet, more and more companies began utilizing computers for their work. Therefore, the risks of cybercrime increase day by day.

Computer Security Day is held every year to increase awareness of computer security.                                Credits: Pixabay

To spread awareness, the Association of Computer Security established Computer Security Day. This day would fall on the 30th of November every year.

What should we do?

How do we celebrate this occasion? Well, the main goal of this day is to ensure safety against malicious attacks. The amount of things you could do on this day is endless. From changing your passwords to updating your windows systems.

Not just on this day…

There are a few things we should remember to do daily, not just on Computer Security Day. We must remember not to perform any actions that will involve personal data on public Wi-Fi connections. It makes your computer susceptible to attacks from trojan horses and viruses. Also, hacker could easily access your computer.

Another tip that should be practiced every day is to turn off your device’s location whenever not required. Keeping this setting on makes it so much easier for unwanted personnel to track you. Also, you get a side benefit from switching this off too. Your battery life will be extended as this setting consumes a big sum of battery power.

Protect your business

Did you know? Small businesses are the most susceptible to Cyber Attacks? This is because they usually do not pay much attention to cybersecurity. When compared to bigger firms, which have sensitive data that they must protect at all costs. This is why hackers usually target smaller businesses.

If you are one of them, it is advised that you take action instantly. Because according to statistics, Cyber attacks are the main causes for around 60% of small companies to go out of business. If you aren’t worried before, you should be by now.

Stop using ‘Password’ as your password

I mentioned about changing the passwords above. Well, it is a no-brainer. Passwords are the first line of defense against any attacks you might faced. Having the same password for every account is probably the most dangerous thing ever. As one compromised password could lead to all of your other accounts getting hacked.

On Computer Security Day, spare some time to change your passwords. Download a password manager if needed. They will help you generate unique passwords for every account.

Ending note

In a nutshell, make a checklist for yourself during Computer Security Day, include things that you think will improve the safety of your devices. Then, put it into action one by one. Leave no gaps behind, make sure that you have fully protected yourself from any possible attacks. After all, this is the ultimate goal of this occasion.

Net Onboard wishes everyone a fruitful Computer Security Day. May your devices be protected against all harms, and your data forever be in safe hands.