On a breezy Saturday morning last 24th April 2010, Net Onboard team heads to the historical state of Melaka for our company trip. We packed our bags and excitement together for our 2010 company trip.

Our first stop of course was the famous fortress in Malaysia, the A Farmosa. We were much occupied with the beauty of history and the people from all places. Besides knowing the story of Melaka, the other main purpose of the trip was to eat. While walking on the street of Jonker Walk under the hot sun, we just could not resist the temptation to taste the sweet and icy Cendol to quench our thirst. Meanwhile for lunch, we stopped by and satisfied our hunger at a well known Nyonya cuisine restaurant called Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine.

We kicked off our Saturday night life with lots of crabs, prawns and fishes as dinner and continue with our walk at Jonker Street. The Jonker Street was livelier during the night with lots of cool items at reasonable price. Well, the street made our pockets running low. Haha!!

The journey to Melaka is not complete without a ride on Taming Sari Tower. On Sunday morning, we witness the uniqueness of Melaka at 80m above sea level on Taming Sari Tower ride. We ended our trip by hopped in to a boat for Sungai Melaka river cruise to enjoy the river view and traditional village houses.