Technology and Innovation in the smartphone market had spread rapidly around the globe. Smartphones are everywhere and plays an important role in people’s lives, an estimated of 5 billion people have mobile devices. Moreover, smartphones has computer abilities and internet search which cause people are relying on mobile devices more than laptop. Therefore,  some people may only need a mobile devices for work purpose throughout the day. In today’s technological era, smartphone gives a series of advantages in all fields. Smartphones allows information exchange, mobile working and entertainment at anywhere and anytime.

Who is the No.1 global tech giant brand?

smartphone market share

As we know that, there are few giant smartphone companies globally including Apple, SAMSUNG, HuaWei, XiaoMi and Oppo.  SAMSUNG remained in the top spot of the market but Huawei is continuing to close the gap between the two smartphone leaders. In fact, Huawei’s global smartphone just overtook Apple to become the second-largest smartphone vendor worldwide.  However, Apple will continue to face the longer replacement cycle of smartphones. Its weakening sales in the premium segment of the Chinese market going forward to 2019.

Furthermore, the Fourth, fifth and sixth position are followed by Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo respectively. Vivo and Oppo have about 70% of their revenues generated from the Chinese market. However, Oppo have turned to explore overseas business opportunities due to the saturation of the Chinese smartphone market. It has launched Realme in Indian market.

Besides, people are familiar with Vivo because of its sponsorship to football competitions. Vivo has signed a six-year sponsorship agreement with FIFA World Cup to enhance its international popularity. These brands have been competing with each other based on the technologies and innovation of smart devices such as operating systems, processor, cameras, display, storage, batteries, finger print sensor and face detection.

Current mobile marketing trend

The evolution of technology and innovation give an opportunity to the global smart phone market in producing excellent smartphone features by adopting the mobile tech trends. Smartphone giant brands like Apple and Google has integrated with the Augmented Reality (AR) of giving an advanced version of the world. In fact, Apple’s iPhone8 and iPhoneX prove that AR is going to be the game of 2019, AR technology will continue to extend its functionality into other applications for business. This technology able to expand into mobile platforms through interactive seminars and holographic presentations.

Augmented Reality

augmented reality mobile game
Source: Niantic Lab

AR technology brings virtual images over real-world objects, the technology function through the use of location services or camera. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are not only for high-end gaming application. Today, various industries has integrate this technology.

Previously, Pokemon Go mobile games incredibly splash out few years before. The mobile games allow users to view the world around them through their cameras. Furthermore, the app have used some features including ever-elusive Pokemon creatures, on screen icons and score that make the game items are right in real-life environment.

AR technology is still evolving, developers trying to incorporate AR modules in applications to drive up engagement levels and deliver more immersive and innovative to users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

artificial intelligence (AI) prototype


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasize the creation of intelligent machines. The machines can work and react like humans. AI activities includes sensors for eye tracking, facial tracking, gesture recognition and voice recognition. Moreover, AI machines has the ability to learn from experiences and perform various human tasks. Most company in United States and China have implemented this technology. Every industry has a high demand for AI capabilities because it is increasingly intelligent. It can be used for patent searches, risk notification, medical research, legal assistant, banking and manufacturing as well.

The future of mobile technology

Mobile network has evolved since the use of 2G network 1991 until today and the 5G network will be released soon. Then, the 5G networks is picking up by many companies globally to make sure the mobile devices leading in 5G readiness. It is the next generation of mobile broadband that will replace the current 4G LTE (Long-term evolution) connection.

What are the benefits of 5G network?

3GPP 5G Logo
3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) 5G Logo

5G network offers a faster download and upload speed as consumers can download a feature-length movie in seconds, energy saving, cost reduction and reduced latency. 5G-enabled smartphones is offering an excellent performance on smartphone.

Who will be the first ?

Hence, it is a race between countries around the world are rolling out 5G service while the United States, China, South Korea and Japan are the first with 5G service. 5G networks will launch in the second half year of 2020. South Korea is officially set to be the world’s first country to roll out 5G networks. As Korea is trying to get more users, a few k-pop stars are the influencers that showed off as the country’s first users. SAMSUNG, south Korean tech giant was the first company to unveil the 5G smartphone with its SAMSUNG Galaxy S10.